Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Imperial Offensive Continues - Illiad

Blood Angels vs Necrons

Following the Armageddon Steel Legion's successful strike on Illiad, the Blood Angels arrived and launched an attack on the Necron. Having witnessed the Imperial strike on the chaos marines, the necrontyr were ready to repel an attack. When the Blood Angels attacked their lines they found they had to fight hard to defeat the machines.

The Necrons quickly surrounded the space marines and poured fire into their ranks. After an hour of furious close quarters fighting the Blood Angels broke through the lines and turned the tide of battle in their favour. At this time it was revealed to be a distraction as the Necron command tomb detonated. A team of terminator marines emerged from the rubble having breached the complex and planting charges.

The Necron warriors were thrown into chaos and the space marines cut them down with ease. Within a matter of hours the Imperium had established their dominance on Illiad.

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