Friday, 26 December 2014

Expansion Continues - Pyros

Farsight Enclave vs Imperial Guard

Near the end of the year, to secure their gains recently acquired, the Enclave launched two simultaneous attacks on the routing Imperial forces. Two legions of Firewarriors marched towards their lines while a wave of fast skimmers and gravitic tanks used hidden mountain passes to get a head of the Imperial lines and then lock them in place. Although outnumbered the Imperial Guard held fast for two days before the last man fell.

Elsewhere, Farsight himself led an attack on Hive City Pyros itself. After four days of heavy fighting the Enclave breached the walls and entered the city streets. The first army arrived shortly after to back them up. The Imperium lost many thousands of guardsmen an civilians before the city surrendered to the Enclave.

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