Friday, 26 December 2014

Chaos in Retreat - Illiad

Blood Angels vs Chaos Daemons

On this date the Blood Angels landed fresh ground troops to Illiad to assist in mopping up the remaining Chaos forces. In desperation the Word Bearers summoned a vast army of daemons and threw everything they had at the loyalist lines.

The forces of Chaos tried to resist the oncoming counter-attack but even the daemonic army could not repel an attack of such magnitude. The Blood Angels continued their advance through the wave of infernal horrors taking surprisingly few casualties as they did so. On numerous fronts the space marines pushed the daemons back into the Warp until only a single Chaos stronghold remained, the infamous Soulforge. However, although victory against the daemons had been relatively easy, the battle to take the Soulforge would be a hard fought engagement.

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