Thursday, 25 December 2014

Battle for the Shotan Pass - Metallo IV

Craftworld Biel-Tan vs Vostroyan Firstborn

The Shotan Pass was a narrow defile worn through a long mountain chain with no exists other than either entrance. The Eldar of craftworld Biel-Tan were able to lay an ambush which destroyed two columns of Vostroyan troops, tanks and supply units.

The 221st Vostroyan received a call for assistance from Factorum 1771 across the mountains from their base of operation. The distress call said that the factorum was under attack by Eldar ground troops and that they had few supplies or skitarii with which to launch a counter offensive. Quickly the 221st mobilised a large force of guardsmen and the few tanks they could spare and set off down the Shotan Pass. At the same time, Biel-Tan guardians were placing themselves in the high rocks at the half way point of the journey, with a force of falcon grav tanks waiting at the far end for the call to enter the fray.

The Eldar were successful in their ambush at only the loss of seven hundred guardians compared to two thousand Vostroyan guardsmen slain. The result of this simple ambush was that now the Eldar had reclaimed sufficient territory to once more be a threat to the Imperium on Metallo IV.

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