Friday, 21 November 2014

The Howling Returns - T'Lau

Space Wolves vs Hive Fleet Amarok

The Imperium has been unable to shake the Tyranid presence on T'Lau over the past year and the Militarum commander requested further space marine assistance but it would take months for it to arrive. When it finally did the tide of war changed.

The Space Wolves returned to complete what they had started once before. It took some time to locate the nexus of synapsis control but once the wolf priests had done so, they deployed to the surface in a massive storm of drop pods of orbital insertion craft. Led by Bjorn the Fell-Handed the battle brothers of the chapter smashed into the xenos forces. Although they lost many brothers hive fleet Amarok was devastated, losing thousands of gaunts and higher organisms. When Bjorn reached the dominant Brood Lord the two enagaged in deadly close combat. They fought for hours before finally Bjorn crushed it's skull with his power claw. The Tyranids retreated back and allowed the Imperial Guard to advance, mopping up the last few creatures. T'Lau was again under Imperial control.

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