Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Fated Overruns The Horde - Crastus

The Fated vs Orks

The ork forces were in the hills overlooking the Chaos forces and launching attacks upon them on a regular basis. The commander of the assembled traitor marines was eager to get out there and lay waste to the greenskins but the war for Crastus had cost him a great many marines and he was unwilling to throw away any more lives until help came from Infernus. The orks were in three groupings, each under a different war boss and numbered about 40,000 boyz. The orks outnumbered the Chaos marines a hundred to one.

Aid came from a most unexpected quarter. On the morning of 221114.M41 a detachment of marines from the Fated crept from the wastes and engaged the smaller of the ork groups. A band of cultists followed behind as reserves and as expendable troops. By night fall the Fated had decimated the orks present.

Once the Fated controlled a third of the encirclement, he called in a wave of Hellblade fighter craft to scout out the positions of the remaining orks. From their aerial position the pilots were able to plot a uncontested route to the next nearest greenskin band. As a result of this, the Fated commander was able to reach and flank the greenskins.

The orks soon realised that they were not alone and launched a counter attack but it was too late. As the orks charged to engage the chaos marines, the Hellblade's swooped down and gunned down the horde. The Fated then picked off the remaining boyz with ease. In two days the Fated had destroyed two thirds of the orks with minimal casualties.

On the third day, the Fated encircled the remaining ork war band. The orks surged from the hills eager to fight and kill. The Hellblades and ranged attacks by havoc squads negated the fury of the Waaagh! By night fall the battle was largely over.

With the last ork dead on the ground, the commander of the Fated approached the Chaos outpost. He informed the war lord within that the Fated have saved their lives. Any who wished to join them and leave behind the tyranny of Abaddon were welcome to do so. Almost to a man, the garrison of the outpost turned sides and bolstered the weakened war band.

Although the Fated had come to recruit troops away from the Despoiler, they deeds weakened the ork presence on Crastus enough that Abaddon's ground forces were able to turn the tide against the orks elsewhere. Soon the banner of the Black Legion would fly upon Crastus once more.

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