Saturday, 22 November 2014

Return of the Enclave - Pyros II

Farsight Enclave vs Sons of Tantalus.

The Enclave returns! This time the renegade Tau faction has chosen the Imperial held Midas Sector as their target for expansion. With fresh reinforcements and a fully recovered Commander Farsight do they have a chance?

The Enclave descended upon the Pyros system with a fleet of star ships, deploying fire warriors to each world as they passed in towards the system capital. They smashed their way through the Imperial Navy blockade and dropped the majority of their ground troops to the surface. The only force able to quickly respond was the much diminished Sons of Tantalus space marines deployed as a penance for their previous actions.

The battle was quick, for the space marines were massively outnumbered. They fought bravely but could not stop an entire war fleet of Tau. Within the Midas Sector the Sons of Tantalus were wiped out to a man. The chapter would never play a roll in this crusade again.

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