Friday, 21 November 2014

In the Shadow of the Omnissiah - Metallo IV

Craftworld Altansar vs Dark Eldar

The forces of Craftworld Altansar have launched a new offensive but not at the expected target. Instead of attacking the Chaos forces throughout the sector, they instead lend their aid to the Imperial defenders of Metallo IV against the entrenched Dark Eldar.

Altansar deployed two columns of troops and advanced through the ruined factorum units towards the enemy. Due to some confusion leading to one column becoming isolated and left behind temporarily, it meant that the Dark Eldar were able to push the advancing Altansar ground troops back. The piratical dark brethren then encircled the enemy forces and launched frightening hide and run raids for three days. A third detachment of aspect warriors were dispatched to assist the ground troops and break the encirclement.

The Dark Eldar had expected reinforcements but were not prepared for Altansar to raise an Avatar for such a battle. The arrival of the flaming god broke the blockade and freed up the Altansar ground troops. The Dark Eldar retreated to their outposts while they planned their next attack. The dark brethren had not been destroyed but their grip on the planet was now tenuous.

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