Saturday, 22 November 2014

Return of the Enclave - Pyros II

Farsight Enclave vs Sons of Tantalus.

The Enclave returns! This time the renegade Tau faction has chosen the Imperial held Midas Sector as their target for expansion. With fresh reinforcements and a fully recovered Commander Farsight do they have a chance?

The Enclave descended upon the Pyros system with a fleet of star ships, deploying fire warriors to each world as they passed in towards the system capital. They smashed their way through the Imperial Navy blockade and dropped the majority of their ground troops to the surface. The only force able to quickly respond was the much diminished Sons of Tantalus space marines deployed as a penance for their previous actions.

The battle was quick, for the space marines were massively outnumbered. They fought bravely but could not stop an entire war fleet of Tau. Within the Midas Sector the Sons of Tantalus were wiped out to a man. The chapter would never play a roll in this crusade again.

Wrath of the Orks - Callista VI

Orks vs Craftworld Iyanden / Imperial Knight.

Steadily the Imperium has been losing ground upon the shrine world of Callista VI. The orks have managed to overwhelm the defenders due to constant reinforcements from the nearby Volistad system, the seat of Ghazghull's power in the sector.

At dawn on 221114.M41 the orks launched their next offensive against the Imperium. Their target this time was a detachment of Imperial Knights recently deployed to the war. The battle started as the sun crypt across the tomb fields and lasted for thirteen straight hours. After six hours, the Imperium received unexpected aid in the arrival of a force of Eldar from the Iyanden Craftworld.

Having inflicted heavy losses upon the Knights, the orks changed the focus of their wrath onto the newly arrived Eldar. The Eldar kept up a steady onslaught on the greenskins for many hours. They took heavy casualties doing so however. Soon the air was filled with the sound of smoking engines as a flight of Burna-Bommer's approached from the north.

The orks lost many of their number as the promethium tanks fell from the low flying aircraft but the Eldar suffered even more casualties. As the enemy almost routed under the bombardment the orks sent in their mighty meganobz. The Iyanden guardians were almost totally annihilated. Ahead, the bommers came about for a return attack.

As night fall crept over the burning landscape, the Eldar realised that they could not hold the orks at bay and retreated through their portals leaving the Imperial forces to suffer the renewed wrath of the greenskins.

The Fated Overruns The Horde - Crastus

The Fated vs Orks

The ork forces were in the hills overlooking the Chaos forces and launching attacks upon them on a regular basis. The commander of the assembled traitor marines was eager to get out there and lay waste to the greenskins but the war for Crastus had cost him a great many marines and he was unwilling to throw away any more lives until help came from Infernus. The orks were in three groupings, each under a different war boss and numbered about 40,000 boyz. The orks outnumbered the Chaos marines a hundred to one.

Aid came from a most unexpected quarter. On the morning of 221114.M41 a detachment of marines from the Fated crept from the wastes and engaged the smaller of the ork groups. A band of cultists followed behind as reserves and as expendable troops. By night fall the Fated had decimated the orks present.

Once the Fated controlled a third of the encirclement, he called in a wave of Hellblade fighter craft to scout out the positions of the remaining orks. From their aerial position the pilots were able to plot a uncontested route to the next nearest greenskin band. As a result of this, the Fated commander was able to reach and flank the greenskins.

The orks soon realised that they were not alone and launched a counter attack but it was too late. As the orks charged to engage the chaos marines, the Hellblade's swooped down and gunned down the horde. The Fated then picked off the remaining boyz with ease. In two days the Fated had destroyed two thirds of the orks with minimal casualties.

On the third day, the Fated encircled the remaining ork war band. The orks surged from the hills eager to fight and kill. The Hellblades and ranged attacks by havoc squads negated the fury of the Waaagh! By night fall the battle was largely over.

With the last ork dead on the ground, the commander of the Fated approached the Chaos outpost. He informed the war lord within that the Fated have saved their lives. Any who wished to join them and leave behind the tyranny of Abaddon were welcome to do so. Almost to a man, the garrison of the outpost turned sides and bolstered the weakened war band.

Although the Fated had come to recruit troops away from the Despoiler, they deeds weakened the ork presence on Crastus enough that Abaddon's ground forces were able to turn the tide against the orks elsewhere. Soon the banner of the Black Legion would fly upon Crastus once more.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Update #76

"It's bad luck to die on an empty stomach." - Unknown Guardsman.

The Howling Returns - T'Lau

Space Wolves vs Hive Fleet Amarok

The Imperium has been unable to shake the Tyranid presence on T'Lau over the past year and the Militarum commander requested further space marine assistance but it would take months for it to arrive. When it finally did the tide of war changed.

The Space Wolves returned to complete what they had started once before. It took some time to locate the nexus of synapsis control but once the wolf priests had done so, they deployed to the surface in a massive storm of drop pods of orbital insertion craft. Led by Bjorn the Fell-Handed the battle brothers of the chapter smashed into the xenos forces. Although they lost many brothers hive fleet Amarok was devastated, losing thousands of gaunts and higher organisms. When Bjorn reached the dominant Brood Lord the two enagaged in deadly close combat. They fought for hours before finally Bjorn crushed it's skull with his power claw. The Tyranids retreated back and allowed the Imperial Guard to advance, mopping up the last few creatures. T'Lau was again under Imperial control.

In the Shadow of the Omnissiah - Metallo IV

Craftworld Altansar vs Dark Eldar

The forces of Craftworld Altansar have launched a new offensive but not at the expected target. Instead of attacking the Chaos forces throughout the sector, they instead lend their aid to the Imperial defenders of Metallo IV against the entrenched Dark Eldar.

Altansar deployed two columns of troops and advanced through the ruined factorum units towards the enemy. Due to some confusion leading to one column becoming isolated and left behind temporarily, it meant that the Dark Eldar were able to push the advancing Altansar ground troops back. The piratical dark brethren then encircled the enemy forces and launched frightening hide and run raids for three days. A third detachment of aspect warriors were dispatched to assist the ground troops and break the encirclement.

The Dark Eldar had expected reinforcements but were not prepared for Altansar to raise an Avatar for such a battle. The arrival of the flaming god broke the blockade and freed up the Altansar ground troops. The Dark Eldar retreated to their outposts while they planned their next attack. The dark brethren had not been destroyed but their grip on the planet was now tenuous.

Farsight Driven From Midas Sector - Ventara

Craftworld Iyanden vs Farsight Enclave.

On this date Farseer T'ate led his army onto the surface of Ventara. He was in a disagreeable mood and looking to turn that negativity against the last hold of the Farsight Enclave. It is believed by Imperial intelligence that attempts to unify an alliance between the Eldar craftworlds and the Enclave had soured in recent months and this may be why Iyanden launched this strike.

When the time came the Iyanden force marched south straight for Farsight's command center. T'ate's army was relatively few in number while the Tau had fire warriors in the tens of thousands. T'ate did not care. He knew full well that a mere upstart race such as the Tau could not hold off the power of the ancients. Within three weeks the outer colonies had fallen to their advance and now they turned their eye inwards. Iyanden started the attack by launching waves of bombers and fighter aircraft to destroy weapon platforms, power generators and repair stations. Limit what the Enclave could do and the battle would belong to the Eldar. During the bombing Farsight himself was badly wounded but successfully evacuated.

Without their commander to guide them morale dropped among the fire warriors. Many fled but were cut down by the encircling Nightshade fighters. Five days after the battle began not a single Tau was left alive on Ventara.

Chaos Lose Ground - Crastus

Orks vs The Fated

On this date the orks who had been held at bay by the forces of Chaos for so long grew restless and with a mighty warcry launched the largest engagement of the war for Crastus so far. A chance of fate allowed the greenskins to seize the territory that they did. Two days earlier a force of marines from the Fated warband had arrived looking to recover a cache of weapons and supplies left behind months earlier only to find another warband looting it. This upset group were annihilated with ease but before the Fate could recover their equipment the ork tide swept through the area and the warband were fighting for their lives.

Among the ruins of the northern defence wall the Fated and the Orks engaged one another for nearly 48 hours. Whatever the Fated attempted the Orks had a perfect counterstrike. Soon their numbers whittled away and ammunition was scarce. Rather than be taken by the orks, the commander of this band ordered his men to activate all their grenades. The resulting explosion leveled a twelve story ruin and caused much devastation, but the orks were no unopposed in the northern marches.

Ancients Launch Sneak Attack - Crastus

Craftworld Yme-Loc vs Alpha Legion.

A new player has entered the war for the Midas sector, Craftworld Yme-Loc. Drawn to the conflict after almost two years by the desire to see the forces of Chaos routed. To this end they have allied with their brothers in the Altansar Craftworld. Together they may be able to turn the tide of recent eldar losses and bring their cause back full circle.

Grimholdt is a fortified region at the eastern end of the Chaos lines on Crastus and an important fixture in their war against the ork horde. Grimholdt was garrisoned by two companies of Alpha Legion marines. On the night of 211114.M41 a sizeable force of eldar troops marched out of the wastes and ordered the Alpha Legion to evacuate the fortress. When the garrison commander rebuked the command, Yme-Loc launched an attack supported by three phantom class titans and a wave of gravitic tanks. The attack was supported by wave after wave of bomber aircraft and orbital strikes from cloaked starships high above.

Three days later unable to withstand the attack, the Alpha Legion commander ordered a retreat after losing half of his troops. The eldar lost a mere 500 over the three days that the battle raged.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Orbital Engagement - Infernus

Black Legion vs The Fated 

After many months in hiding, the Fated are sought out by an emissary of the Despoiler, once again hoping to draw them into the Warmaster's cause. The Fated however, had other ideas.

As the Black Legion fleet entered the Asteroid Field in which the Fated were said to be hiding, they spread out in order to maximize their search area. It was then that the Fated struck, using the dense terrain to ambush and cripple the most vulnerable Black Legion ships before the rest of the fleet could respond. As the Warmaster's forces became aware of their danger and swung around to engage, those too were attacked from the rear by several Sons of Horus cruisers. Realising that the Black Legion were in danger of becoming trapped, their commander ordered his remaining ships into a spearhead pattern and attempted a breakout. The Murder-class Cruisers 'Damnation' and 'Ruin's Bane' led the thrust, their massed guns smashing the Sons of Horus ships 'Eye of Terra' and 'Bastard of Vorros' aside with brutal ease. 
As the Black Legion fleet fled for open space, with the vessels of the Fated hot on their heels, the message was clear: The Fated would never bend to the command of Abaddon.