Saturday, 18 October 2014

Update #75

"If there's a madman on the throne of Infernus, it's because you and Mannus put him there. He's your responsibility." - Ahriman, Thousand Sons

Tau Victory - Acastus Prime

Tau Empire vs Craftworld Alaitoc.

The situation for the Eldar had begun to deteriorate. Over the last couple months the Tau Empire has deployed some forty starships, and over seven thousand fresh fire warriors to ensure total victory. The Tau need a compliant world in the Medusa sector if their attempts at conquest are to be successful.

The Eldar has been amassing the remaining force but it was considered by the Tau leadership to be a token resistance and would be easily crushed. At midnight on 181014.M41 the Tau launched a bombing strike against the enemy. As the Eldar turned their attention skyward, three thousand Tau fire warriors attacked various targets such as the monorails and webway portals, preventing the enemy from escaping. With no way out the Eldar hunkered down in preparation for what was to come.

Although the opening engagements were confined to the Eldar emplacements, it soon began to spread out into the surrounding countryside. On the third day the Tau bombers returned and drove the remaining Eldar out of their positions and into the killing fields where they were quickly cut down by concentrated fire. With the last of the Eldar resistance gone, the Tau were then free to consolidate their victory.

Abaddon's Grip Weakens - Infernus

Death Guard vs Night Lords

The many losses suffered by the forces of Chaos since Abaddon claimed the seat of power on Infernus has caused much friction among the legions under his command. There are some who would see Kor Aven returned from the Warp to conqour the sectors. Among these are the Night Lords and their war lords have not been quiet in their distention.

Unwilling to have his forces splinter into civil war, Abaddon calls upon his loyal subjects to silence the dissenting voices quickly. Typhous then leads his forces to the strong hold of the Night Lords on Infernus. Both sides pull out weapons of war not seen since the final days of the Heresy.  The living wasteland that is the seat of Chaos' power roils and churns with the rage erupting upon its surface, both sides fight themselves and the very world beneath their feet.

After days of fighting Typhous breaches the fortress of the Night Lords and slaughters their leaders, placing their heads about his belt as a sign of his power of them. The fight goes from the Night Lords and they acquiesce to Abaddon's rulership.

Blood and Victory - Arathis Secundus

Space Wolves vs Craftworld Alaitoc.

On the morning of 181014.M41 a Space Wolves battle barge translated into the system dangerously close to the atmosphere of Arathis Secundus. Almost immediately the ship opened fire on the Eldar command posts and the largest concentrations of alien ground forces. A huge number of enemy forces were obliterated and any communication between Eldar forces vanished. The Space Wolves then deployed into the heart of the surviving forces. Less than four hundred space marines attacked an Eldar force of several thousand. The Eldar were no match for the ferocity demonstrated by the Space Wolves and by nightfall the Eldar force had been routed into the lowland basins where they could be contained in preparation for a final assault.

The Eldar war council strong criticized Craftworld Alaitoc's leaders for their lack of resistance but all knew the true fury of the space marines when pushed to extreme measures.

Tooth and Claw - Urbis III

Space Wolves vs Tyranids

For over six long months the Imperial Guard have withstood the assault of the Tyranids on Urbis III. With the concerns over the Necrons and forces of Chaos, the Urbis system has been long forgotten until now. Out of nowhere the night sky was lit by the contrails of hundreds of drop pods striking down from orbit into the snow filled streets of Urbis III. The Space Wolves have come to liberate the world from the jaws of the Great Devourer.

The frightened and exhausted planetary guard watched in awe as the mighty space marines dropped straight into the heart of the alien horde. They engaged the Tyranid monsters in ferocious and bloody hand to hand combat, tearing alien bodies limb from limb! The Space Wolves were like the heroes of the ancient sagas on their frozen home world. No quarter was given and none sought.

After twelve hours of fighting the Space Wolves stood bloodied but victorious atop a mound of alien dead. It was a day the planet's defenders would never forget, as the Tyranid menace was ground down by the might of the Emperor's finest!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sector Update #74

"So the next time we find out where Abaddon plans to strike, we can mine the area, and as soon as they come out of the Warp ... Then, as you so concisely say, boom." - Captain Democritus, Sons of Tantalus 4th company.

Relic Raid - Minora IV

Space Wolves vs The Fated.

The Fated have returned. Their eyes cast upon the forge world of Minora IV where the Imperium holds a fragment of the Star Killer engine. The only problem other than breaching a Mechanicum fortress was a garrison of marines from the Space Wolves chapter.

The Fated launched a drop pod assault from orbit. The first objective, disable the defence lasers, was achieved quickly and with minimal loss of resources. Then they turned their eyes to the Space Wolves who moved to man the walls. The strong point assault took several hours but eventually the Fated breached the walls and the two armies smashed in the courtyards.

A few squads managed to breach the vaults but were unsuccessful in retrieving the relic. The Space Wolves had expected just such a target and protected the device with a full company. When it was apparent that victory was not an option the Fated retreated, pursued by the loyalist marines. If the Fated wanted the device they would have to find another way of claiming it.

The Walls Hold - Pyros II

Dark Angels / Raven Guard vs Black Legion.

Following the loss of the Pyros system Abaddon dispatched a fresh legion of his marines to regain a foothold on the second planet. The Dark Angels and Raven Guard set aside the recent manipulations and united to repel the returning chaos marines. The Imperium had already begun bolstering the fortifications and mining the sand fields in the direction the Black Legion would approach from. Both space marine chapters called in air support and the skies were soon theirs, allowing them to strafe the oncoming force with impunity.

The Black Legion suffered massive casualties. By the time they reached their target they had been reduced to a third of their number. The two loyalist chapters then opened fire with long ranged weaponry, before charging into close combat. The sands turned red with the blood of so many vanquished marines on both sides but the day was held. The few Black Legion who routed were swiftly hunted down by the Raven Guard.

On Infernus, Abaddon the Despoiler felt his grip on the sector fading.

Misdirection - Pyros II

Dark Angels vs Raven Guard

The Black Legion has retreated from their last bastions on Pyros II. The world lies once more in the hands of the Imperium. But the enemy has not left without causing chaos among the space marines on the planet. The dark sorcerers have cast their dark magic and turned marine against marine. Tricked by the warp, marines from the Raven Guard and Dark Angels turn upon one another seeing their battle brothers as the enemy. The two chapters recovered quickly but the damage had been done, and the enemy escaped into the warp.

Desert Storm - Pyros II

Raven Guard vs Black Legion.

The stalemate on Pyros has continued to drag on due to the remaining Black Legion marines using the deep desert wastes to hide and launch raids from. Warmaster Xerxes has ordered that this world be retaken and the enemy destroyed as soon as possible. With the Pyros system in the hands of the Imperium it will severely limit Abaddon's forces from launching new crusades out into the sector. The task of eliminating the enemy has fallen to the Raven Guard chapter whose expertise in such actions is legendary.

For weeks the Raven Guard scoured the deserts in secret, removing any enemy patrols and isolated bunkers. As more and more of their forces went silent on Pyros the Black Legion came to know fear. Rumours of a new weapon deployed by the Imperium were quickly silenced once the Raven Guard found the traitor marines hidden base. Under cover of night they launched a swift strike on the command center. Once inside the base the Raven Guard entered into close combat with the enemy, cutting their way deeper in until one assault team reached the reactor and planted explosives. As quickly as they appeared the space marines vanished back into the desert night. As the Black Legion pulled back inside expecting a second assault the explosives triggered and night was turned into day, sand into glass and the traitors blasted into atoms.