Saturday, 16 August 2014

Sector Update #72

"This is the end game. We'll be okay as long as nothing goes wrong." - famous last words

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Return of the Empire - Hermes IV

Tau Empire vs Imperial Guard

After many months away the Tau Empire returns to the Hermes system with a vengeance. A war fleet three times the size of any thus far seen in the region arrived in the system and began deploying smaller attack ships and landing craft. Hermes IV suffered the heaviest elements of the invasion force.

Tau troops were deployed en mass to three of the four continents. Hundreds of landing craft were shot down but the Imperium's best efforts barely put a dent into their numbers. The Imperial air force and tank divisions rolled out to engage the Tau and for several days the wastelands between the cities was a tapestry of apocalyptic devastation.

The Imperial defenders suffered heavy casualties and the titan legion assigned to Hermes IV lost several of it's god engines to wave after wave of Tau manta's. The alien attackers pushed the Imperial forces back into the hive cities and encircled them in preparation for continued assault.