Friday, 27 June 2014

Sector Update #70

"You do not make history. You can only hope to survive it." - Unknown

The Defence of Port Peril - Callista VI

Grey Knights vs Dark Eldar.

A dark eldar raid on the monastery fortress overlooking Port Peril saw one of that race's greatest defeats in the history of the Midas sector. When wave after wave of fast attack skimmers and aircraft poured from the night sky into the airspace above the space port the Imperial defences were slow in retaliating. This cost them dear in manpower and equipment as the piratical eldar targeted those installations from the onset of the engagement.

It then became a running battle in the streets with thousands of civilians and guardsmen snatched away to a fate worse than death. It appeared that this would be a spectacular victory for the dark eldar. What they had not counted on was the presence of three full companies of Grey Knights stationed at the monastery. Once armoured and armed they marched from the imposing citadel and smashed into the kabelite warriors in the streets. Unprepared for such a wave of opposition they fell by the thousands to a mere few hundred marines.

The arrival of aerial support from the fortress destroyed any chance of the enemy fighters assisting the ground forces and quickly flights of storm ravens had annihilated most of the enemy aircraft and gravitic transports.The pirates fled back into the webway carrying more than a bloody nose.

Return Of The Hive - Rakdos

Tyranids vs Warriors of Ynnead

The hive fleets have returned to plaque the Rakdos system. Hive ships drifted from the darkness of space and quickly overran the planetary defence ships. Deployment of spore pods ensued directly into the heart of the Eldar claimed territory.

The assault began with a direct strike into the heart of eldar operations on Rakdos. The Warriors of Ynnead, weakened from recent losses throughout the sector, were the first to be assaulted by the bio-organisms. The more numerous tyranid creatures pushed the valiant eldar back and spread throughout the countryside. A night counter-attack by the Warriors of Ynnead failed to recapture any of the lost ground.

The battle marked a turning point in the war for Rakdos. No longer could the Eldar and the Imperium continue their own petty conflicts. The tyranids were coming in force and if the two armies could not put aside their differences even temporarily, the hive would devour Rakdos and all the bio-matter on her surface.

Reinforcements Devoured - D'Then

Tyranids vs Farsight Enclave.

Despite recent hostilities between them. when the Tau forces on D'Then dispatched a call for help it was the Farsight Enclave that came to their rescue first. The battle began with an Enclave assault on the tyranid lines surrounding the Tau headquarters. The fighting was intense going throughout the day and well into the night. On the second day further Enclave reinforcements arrived and bolstered the weakened points in their own lines. When at last the Enclave managed to reach the Tau fortress the Tau commander refused to align himself with a "traitor" caste.

This caused a schism in the two defending armies which weakened their combined resolve. A fatal issue that the hive mind used to it's advantage. The Enclave were forced to retreat and abandon the rescue operation. The Enclave departed the system leaving the Empire to it's fate.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Sector Update #69

"It's really simple. You bring two sides together. They fight. A lot of them die, but those who survive are stronger, smarter and better. It's like knocking over an ant-hill. Every new generation gets stronger, the ant-hill gets redesigned, made better." - Trakis, Thousand Sons Sorcerer

Friday, 20 June 2014

Enclave Repelled - Hermes IV

Imperial Guard vs Farsight Enclave / Demiurg Mining Consortium.

With it's recent losses throughout the Medusa sector, the Enclave has been forced to seek a new base of operations. Farsight himself decided that the Imperial world of Hermes IV would make the best option.

The Enclave descended under a way of orbital fire. The Imperium's orbital defences were devastated within hours and the fire warriors deployed almost unimpeded. Commander Farsight had underestimated the sheer number of Imperial Guardsmen on the surface. Almost from the moment they landed, the Tau encountered heavy fire. The planetary defenders decimated the first landings and basilisk tanks smashed transports from the skies. Under such heavy ground fire the Enclave retreated back in to the stars to their waiting fleet.

Piratical Raid Seals Tau Fate - Ventara

Farsight Enclave / Demiurg Mining Consortium vs Dark Eldar

For weeks Ventara has suffered repeated raids from the Dark Eldar of Commorragh. The piratical raids targeted Tau and Ork alike. Thousands on both sides were snatched away to serve in the dark gladiatorial pits and slaves markets of the dark city. The raids were so great that the Tau Empire withdrew it's forces in fear.

The Enclave seized that opportunity to punch through the fleeing Tau to assault the webway portals from whence the Dark Eldar had come. Taken by surprise, the Dark Eldar suffered heavy casualties before regrouping and launching a counter-attack. The Enclave pulled it's fire warriors back and sent their Demiurg into the fray, fresh from rearming. The new troops gave the assault enough of a boost to smash the Dark Eldar lines, driving them back into the webway. With the raiders gone the Enclave ground troops reclaimed that recently vacated by the Tau, and turned their attention to the Ork threat remaining.

Orks Swarm Pelias System - Pelias IX

Orks vs Craftworld Alaitoc

The greenskin tide strides between the stars like a colossus. World after world of the Medusa sector begins to fall to their advance. Their eye is now cast towards the Eldar held system of Pelias.

The fleet of ork ships translated into the system and were immediately attacked by the expectant Eldar fleet. The Eldar were outnumbered however and the Ork ships smashed through their blockade to crash into the tenth planet of the system. The greenskins spilled from the derelict roks capturing swathes of territory.

When the forces of the Alaitoc Craftworld moved to intervene they hit a wall of green and were halted. The two forces engaged in brutal close combat across miles of newly formed battle lines with the Eldar using their more powerful artillery to drive back the Ok gargants and aircraft. To start with the Craftworld held their own containing the Ork army but as more ships plummeted to the surface the Alaitoc Eldar found themselves contained within two lines of alien warriors.

The Eldar were obliterated under the dual assault and the Orks swept forward to claim miles of planetary ground. Alaitoc sent out a psychic cry for help but it is unknown whether it reached anyone through the Tyranid's shadow in the warp.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Hermes System Reclaimed - Hermes IV

Grey Knights vs Tau Empire.

The final battle in the current campaign for the Hermes system came when the Tau Empire attempted to encircle and destroy the Imperial forces once and for all. The engagement went well with the Tau breaking many of the Imperial lines and laying siege to the fortress at Hel's Peak. What the Tau had not countered on was the Grey Knight's presence in the fortress.

The Grey Knights withstood the assault for two weeks before the Tau breached the outer defences. The Grey Knights poured forth from the ruined walls and assaulted the alien warriors in deadly close combat. Unable to bring their firepower to bear the Tau were cut down in their droves. The defeated Tau attempted to fall back but ran into the remnants of the Imperial garrison and were gunned down.

The defeat halted the Tau offensive and the Imperial forces spent the next few weeks destroying the remaining aggressors. The Tau fleet left the system under heavy fire.The Hermes system was once more under Imperial control.