Friday, 30 May 2014

Necron Advance Captures Substatial Ground - Midas Prime

Necrons vs Imperial Fists / Blood Angels

The war for the Midas sector capitol does not go well for the Imperium. Countless thousands of Imperial Guardsmen lay dead across the planet and it seems that even the might of the space marines may not be enough to stem the advance. Elements from both the Blood Angels and Imperial Fists chapters deployed together striking at vital Necron targets bot n assassination or sabotage mission seemed to affect the relentless onslaught.

The crisis point was reached when the space marines fought a mighty battle for control of the Imperial seat of power. Xerxes had evacuated weeks ago but orders had been given that the palace must not fall into enemy hands. The task fell to the two space marine chapters still functioning at full strength.

The battle for the palace lasted four days. Fighting was tight in the hallways, shrines and rooms but the space marines initially succeeded in holding off the invading machines. The arrival of giant walking machines and squadrons of aircraft turned the tide. The walkers tunnelled up from beneath and the aircraft trapped the marines in place allowing necron warriors to eradicate them.

The last of the marines evacuated to the outer defences. After four days the Necrons were on the verge of dominating the entire planet.

Blood Hunt - Hermes IV

Space Wolves vs Farsight Enclave / Demiurg Mining Consortium / Sons of Tantalus.

Despite all attempts to ensure that  the Space Wolves could not track down those who took the Star Killer device from them, the wolves of Fenris did track the Enclave back to their lair. Enraged by what they saw as traitorous behaviour on the part of the Sons of Tantalus, the Space Wolves smashed their way through the Enclave ranks to engage their battle brothers. No word of resolution was forthcoming and the two space marine chapters fought in furious combat while the Enclave troops were massacred down to the last.

When at last Captain Democritus was brought low, he was hauled off to the fleet to face whatever justice was decided by Warmaster Xerxes and his advisors.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Sector Update #68

"We walk in the dark places no others will enter. We stand on the bridge and no one may pass. We live for the Emperor, we die for the Emperor." - Grey Knight captain Antioch.

The Fall of St. Keeler's Bassilica - Callista VI

Grey Knights vs Orks

The Bassilica of St. Keeler has been a sacred site for pilgrims across the sector for over a thousand years. Now it has become the site of a battle between the foul greenskins and the righteous Grey Knights.

The Grey Knights were tasked with protecting the ecclesiarchy as they withdrew from the front lines. As the last of the transports fled, the barricades fell before a mighty war host of orks. Outnumbered and surrounded, the Knights made a last stand to allow time for the transports to escape.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Imperium Suffers Major Losses - Rakdos

Blood Angels vs Craftworld Alaitoc.

The long running war for Rakdos has not gone well for the Imperium despite receiving regular reinforcements of both manpower and equipment. Every time the Imperial Guard attempt to push back against the alien invaders they are counterattacked and pushed back. The Eldar seem to know every move that they make.

In recent weeks the Imperial Guard have received assistance from the Blood Angels. In their first engagement the space marines deployed via drop pod assault into the heart of the Alaitoc command centre and enacted a purge of the command personnel. While mostly successful the Blood Angels on the outskirts suffered heavy casualties when the Eldar recovered from the initial assault. Slowly the Eldar pushed inwards, trapping the Blood Angels in a perfect kill zone.

The Blood Angels lost an entire company to this attack and while the mission was a success, it drove the Eldar to greater heights of aggression. They renewed their efforts to destroy the Imperial forces and within days had control of half the planet.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Relic Raid - Hermes IV

Farsight Enclave / Demiurg Mining Corstorium / Sons of Tantalus vs Space Wolves

With their destruction imminent, the Farsight Enclave has turned to possible allies for help. The Demiurg acted as mediators between the Enclave and the Sons of Tantalus. The Enclave requested their help in recovering the parts of the Star Killer. Only through the threat of use could the Enclave survive though the Demiurg diplomats didn't let that information become known. The Sons of Tantalus swayed by their words agreed.

The three forces deployed in quick deployment and assaulted the base where the Space Wolves were protecting one part. The Enclave formed a defensive line to prevent any Space Wolves from escaping with the artefact while the Sons of Tantalus launched the offensive. The combination of space marines and long range Tau firepower overwhelmed their lines and the Sons of Tantalus accessed the relic chamber. Having secured the device they fell back and the Enclave made sure that no Space Wolf survived. Any evidence of the Sons of Tantalus was erased and the Enclave held their prize.