Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Tyranids Launch New Assault - Urbis III

Blood Angels vs Tyranids

When the Tyranid hive fleet reached the outskirts of the Urbis system the shadow in the warp cut every communication down. It was several weeks before a investigation ship of the Blood Ravens arrived to look into the matter. What they found was a world at war. The garrison of Imperial Guard had done well to hold off the alien aggressors as long as they did.

The Blood Ravens deployed to the surface in drop pods to engage the attackers of the Urbis hive city. The attack did not go well and after less than an hour the space marines fell back to the hive city walls. Under their guidance the defenders were able to keep the tyranids from breaching the outer defences.

It was not long before the smaller organisms managed to locate weak points in the outer walls. From that point it was not long before monstrous creatures smashed through. The battle went from being a defensive engagement to a running street battle. Thousands upon thousands of civilians were killed before the Blood Ravens were able to halt the advance at the cost of their own lives.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Sector Update #58

"There is no indignity in being afraid to die, but there is a terrible shame in being afraid to live." - Unknown Demiurg.

Capture the Star Killer - Rakdos

Craftworld Alaitoc / Tau Empire vs Tyranids.

In an unusual show of cooperation, elements of the Tau Empire and Craftworld Alaitoc team up and assault the Tyranid presence on Rakdos, in an attempt to capture the Star Killer device that the Hive Mind recently captured.

Utilising the Webway, the Alaitoc/Tau alliance managed to assault the Tyranid force from within the heart of it's own territory. They targeted the larger synapse creatures using hit and run tactics that kept the hive busy. When enough synapse creatures had fallen it did not take much for the alliance to mop up and collect the device they sought. The Imperial garrison were then left to eradicate the smaller organisms left behind.

However, the Eldar had achieved a foothold on Rakdos and would become another threat to the Imperial mining colonies.

Greenskins Victorius - T'Vora

Orks vs Tau Empire

Ghazghkull's WAAAGH! continues to spread across the Medusa Sector, sweeping world after world aside. Now the orks have turned their attention to the Tau colony on T'Vora. A small fleet of Rok's dropped from the warp almost right on top of the planet and plunged into the atmosphere. Only a fraction of the orks survived but it was enough to panic the Tau population.

The greenskin horde surged forth from the downed ships and within hours had captured several small farming communities and put their populations to death or into slavery. By the time the Tau military arrived the orks were well and truely dug in and ready for a fight. It would be extremely difficult to drive the ork forces from T'vora.

The Tau started with a massive artillery bombardment which shattered the defence parameter. But on the second day the orks simply gave up defending their captured prizes and charged forth into the incoming fire. Many greenskins died but enough survived to smash into the Tau lines. Within an hour they had advanced deep into the Tau lines leaving a sea of bodies and burning tanks behind them.

By the end of the afternoon on the second day of the invasion, the Tau had routed back to their own cities and the orks were left with hundreds of new slaves and Tau equipment to loot.

Blood Angels Repulsed - Metallo IV

Blood Angels vs Dark Eldar

Following the last major engagement on Metallo IV, the war against the Dark Eldar has been dragged down into a stalemate. Neither side has the resources nor the manpower to break the seige without help. After three months the Imperial forces at last recieved a bolster from the Blood Angels chapter who repaced the war weary Salamanders. Their arrival forced the Dark Eldar commander to redouble his warriors efforts to capture territory and slaves.

The Dark Eldar forces made their way closer to Complex Omega through the polluted chemical swamps to the south. Complex Omega had been recently fortified by the space marines and bolstered with extra heavy weapons. The attacking aliens would have to fight hard to breach those defences and drive the space marines out into the open. This took two weeks of constant combat but eventually the Dark Eldar achived their objective.

The Dark Eldar did not rest following their victory and continued into Imperial held territory. Three days later they reached a large Mechanicus city-shrine where the Blood Angels were resupplying. Librarian Mephiston decided to defend this site against the overwhelming odds arrayed against the Blood Angel survivors. To start with they were able to repulse all attacks. Then the commander of the attacking force split his troops and attempted to attack from multiple sides, thus thinning the numbers of space marines. The Blood Angels were forced to shift positions to protect key installations, and fell right into the Archons trap.

The Blood Angels were soundly defeated with only Mephiston and a handful of squads being able to escape north. This was a clear victory for the Dark Eldar and may be the turning point in the war for control of Metallo IV.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Jungle Fighting - Grimlock

Sons of Tantalus / Demiurg Mining Consortium vs Craftworld Iyanden

Both the Imperium and the Eldar have determined that an element of the Star Killer device exists among the tyanid held jungles of Grimlock. Both sides have sent a strike force to recover it. The Sons of Tantalus found the device among the mines of a small Demiurg mining facility. Before it could recovered, the Eldar of Iyanden marched from the carnivorous forest and assaulted the compound.

The Demiurg defenders were killed in the opening volley and the space marines did not fair too well either. The Eldar ensured that they could not leave the mining facility's defences to capture the uncovered relic. The fighting soon became close with hand to hand fighting in the ruins. The Eldar slaughtered the Imperial defenders and now have a quarter of the device.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Sector Update #57

"We is gonna stomp da universe flat and kill anyfink that fights back. we're da Orks, and was made ta fight and win."

The Second Battle of St Callista's Shrine - Callista VI

Grey Knights vs Warriors of Ynnead

The second battle of St Callista's Shrine was fought between elements from the Grey Knights and the Warriors of Ynnead. The battle was part of the Imperium's attempt to drive the invading Eldar from the planet. The Grey Knights successfully recaptured the shrine but were unable to destroy the Eldar completely. The Eldar commander managed to achieve a successful retreat without losing too many warriors. The inquisitorial forces did not pursue and instead began to rebuild the shrines defences.

The Horde Strikes Again - Crastus

Orks vs Soul Stealers

The ork horde arrived and landed ground troops under cover of the chaos of battle. The greenskins immediately began to approach the Chaos held city at Reccopolis. The warboss ordered all ground vehicles to wait instead marching across the desert undetected. The horde complied but only after he executed a handful of complainers.

The orks soon came upon a scout patrol from a small warband called the Soul Stealers, whilst still in the deep desert. The chaos marines were swiftly overcome and prevented from contacting Reccopolis. By nightfall they had reached a position from where they could assault the city's defences. The horde split up to attack from the north, east and Southwest. Only then was the order given for the ground vehicles to follow up.

Artillery was quickly brought into position south of the city covering the main gates. The artillery opened fire just as soon as they were in position. As the outer walls fell, the greenskins surged forward eager for battle. As swarms of bikers rushed in from the east they encountered heavy fire from Havoc teams and automated heavy bolters on the outer walls. On the southern flank small squads of boyz tried to reach the city gates but were forced back by more automated defences. The attack from the north saw hordes of boyz, supported by looters and killa kans, breached the defences and entered the city.

The general assault into the narrow streets of Reccopolis made slow progress against the entrenched Soul Stealers, who were supported by the Havoc teams on the towers. They maintained excellent covering fire, until the sheer volume of ork boyz overwhelmed the marines on the streets.

By late afternoon the greenskin army launched their final attack on the Soul Stealer's command centre. They used looter teams, crossing fire to get better targets, and calling in air support to destroy the defence cannons. When the defences fell the orks surged forward. The warboss hunted down and engaged the chaos warlord in personal combat. The chaos forces fell apart when the head of their warlord was cast from the highest tower of the city.

The WAAAGH Begins! - Callista VI

Orks vs Grey Knights

The Ork WAAAGH has begun. A fleet of Ork Killkruisers has left Volistad and headed out into space. The first of these arrived in the Callista system and disgorged it's occupants to the surface through the use of powerful teleportas.

Just before dawn the Ork horde attacked Inquisitorial site designated Kronos Facility. Automated defences opened up and annihilated the first few waves. The Grey Knight defenders reached their posts and added their own firepower. The warboss however, had used the first waves to learn where the weak points in the defences might lie. He called in air support to hammer the facility and draw fire away from the ground troops.

The main attack came from the North and East, waves of boyz, looters and squiggoth riders leading the way. The ground around the facility was open barren wasteland and many orks died to enemy fire. But more continued to reach the defences.

The fortress artillery was well protected and difficult for the orks to deal with. A few kamikaze pilots had crashed their aircraft into some and well placed shots from the looters had dealt with many more. The situation looked hopeless for the defenders but the Grey Knights would not go down without a fight.

When the walls were breached, the Grey Knights surged out into battle with the greenskin horde. To start with the power armoured warriors were successful in slaying the overeager boyz who charged into combat but they could not hope to contend with the sheer amount of small arms fire that was directed at them. One by one the Grey Knights fell.

With their victory here the orks had a secure point from which to launch attacks against the Imperial and Eldar forces already fighting. Numerous small shrines and temple complexes fell in the days following. The orks had come to take this world and so far it looked like they might actually do it.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Butlerian's Revenge - Midas Prime

Grey Knights vs Blood Angels

Despite recent events, Lord Inquisitor Butlerian has plotted his revenge. The remaining Blood Angels were preparing to evacuate and leave the planet. Blanketing the communications channels with static, the Grey Knights teleported into their base of operations and swiftly set to eradicating the space marines.

The Blood Angels attempted to call for help but could not breach the jamming. When the last space marine fell, Butlerian's minions began an immediate clean up. Within hours no one would know what had occurred here. As far as Butlerian was concerned the Blood Angels were corrupt and under the influence of Chaos.

He would have to watch out for any reinforcements sent from Baal.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Sector Update #56

"Yes, we've disagreed, even fought, but I would rather have someone who opposed me out of an honest belief in the rightness of his cause than someone who was always on my side because it was expected and required. I've questioned your judgement and wisdom, your temperament, but never your loyalty." - Inquisitor Butlerian to Warmaster Xerxes

The Hive Returns - Rakdos

Hive Fleet Amarok vs Sons of Tantalus / Demiurg Mining Consortium

Amarok has returned to the Rakdos system in force. Drifting in silently from the depths of space wave after wave of bioships entered the system. Most of the worlds here are dead ones, devoid of anything that the hive mind might desire, but Rakdos is home to thousands of miners and Imperial PDF. Perfect food for the hive fleet.

The Sons of Tantalus were present on the planet, picking up new materials and fuel from the Demiurg when the first attack occurred. Waves of monsters ran out of the desert wastes and assaulted the mining compound. The space marines took charge and ordered all able bodied men to form a cordon around the mine entrance. The plan was to keep the tyranids busy until an extraction team could arrive, if they ever did.

The Demiurg miners were the first to fall, overrun by waves of gaunts. The space marines initially faired well but the tides of battle changed when monstrous creatures smashed their way through the outer defences. This was more than the meagre company could handle at the time and they began to initiate a fighting withdrawal into the mine workings where they could better handle the influx of creatures.

Elsewhere on Rakdos the fighting did not go well and the tyranid organisms now control a large swath of the planet's surface.

Retribution - Midas Prime

Ultramarines vs Grey Knights

Despite Butlerian's attempts to keep knowledge of the Grey Knight attack on the Blood Angels a secret, word did find its way into the hands of Xerxes and the other space marine chapters. A council was called by Marneus Calgar to demand that Butlerian be stripped of his position in the crusade. Xerxes refused to accept that outcome, stating that the Grey Knights were doing what they needed to do to safeguard the security of the Imperial forces. Calgar refused to accept that saying that the Blood Angels were a vital part of this war before departing Xerxes flagship with many other space marines in tow.

Nothing was heard from him for several days until the Grey Knight fortress on Midas Prime came under heavy ground assault from a large Ultramarine force. Ill prepared for an unexpected attack from their own allies, the Grey Knights fell back as the outer walls were breached. The Ultramarines surged in and opened fire upon the agents of the Ordo Malleus. The attack was swift and well orchestrated by Calgar himself.

By the time that Xerxes learnt of the attack, the Ultramarines and Grey Knights had been fighting for three hours. He transported to the planet's surface with his personal retinue and ordered a cease fire. Calgar immediately halted the attack but it took threat of censure by Xerxes, to force Butlerian to order a cease fire to his troops.

Butlerian had already received threats from other chapters since the crusade started and Xerxes warned the inquisitor that next time he might be far away from any support. Should Butlerian have any concerns about fellow Imperial forces, especially among the space marines, it would be in his best interest to bring it before the war council first. The Ultramarines gathered their wounded and departed back to their fleet leaving Butlerian to grind his teeth on the planet below.

Had Butlerian pushed his authority too far this time?