Friday, 26 December 2014

Update #80

"They're humans. Indulging their favorite pastime of trying to destroy each other." 
- Forgefather Grime, Demiurg miner.

An Offer Refused - Infernus

Blood Gorgons vs Traitor Guard

Abaddon the Despoiler has sent out a call for any war bands in nearby regions of space to come to his aid. If his losses in the sector are to be recovered then he will need more marines to serve him. The first to come were a detachment of marines from the Blood Gorgons war band. When they refused his offer to join them, he cast them out and dispatched his minions to grind them to dust.

The Blood Gorgons fought a running engagement through the flesh wastes and bile streams to reach their craft against a tide of traitor guardsmen. Small arms fire and close quarters combat were the tools of the day. Even the hordes of fallen soldiers were no match for the traitor marines, merely slowly them down. The Blood Gorgons fled the daemon world into the void.

Reclaiming the Capital - Midas Prime

Blood Drinkers vs Necrons

For the better part of a year the Imperial forces have fought nonstop to contain the Necron invasion of Midas Prime. When regular forces failed to do the job Warmaster Xerxes requested aid from forces outside the sector. Three companies of Blood Drinkers responded.

They began by launching an aerial assault on Hive Alpha Twelve. The attack forced the Necrons to recall many of their warriors from the outlaying districts to defend the command monolith. Once the Necron warriors had contained themselves within the hive city the Blood Drinkers launched their attack. The outer defences fell to the space marines within a matter of days, leaving the central Hive vulnerable.

Necron tomb ships destroyed the battle barge Sanguis Deus before they in turn were destroyed by Battle Fleet Midas. Then, with the aid of the orbiting battle fleet launching bombardments down onto the hive, the Blood Drinkers advanced through the ruins to destroy the Necron defenders. The war to reclaim Midas Prime has begun.

Blood and Shadow - Minora IV

Blood Angels vs Dark Eldar.

The Dark Eldar descend upon Minora seeking easy prey in the aftermath of recent conflict. A company of Blood Angels launched a counter-attack. The space marines sought an early and easy victory by targeting the leader of the raid straight from the start. Initially the Blood Angels were thrown back and the Dark Eldar used the lull in the storm to perform a number of slave raids.

The following day the Blood Angels returned to enact their vengeance. This time they returned with air superiority and caused significant damage to the invading ground forces. The Blood Angels then swooped in for the kill, wading through the blood of the enemy. The raiding force was destroyed or driven off.

Update #79

"Apparently, a wing of Dark Eldar is scouting out this sector for likely worlds to invade. For 'likely' read 'soft and vulnerable.' Our task is to make sure they either don't leave here, or they leave convinced that we are neither soft nor vulnerable and way too much trouble to invade. We win this battle, they go away, we save ourselves a great deal of trouble in the future. We lose, this'll get a hell of a lot worse."
- Captain Sicarius, Ultramarines

Expansion Continues - Pyros

Farsight Enclave vs Imperial Guard

Near the end of the year, to secure their gains recently acquired, the Enclave launched two simultaneous attacks on the routing Imperial forces. Two legions of Firewarriors marched towards their lines while a wave of fast skimmers and gravitic tanks used hidden mountain passes to get a head of the Imperial lines and then lock them in place. Although outnumbered the Imperial Guard held fast for two days before the last man fell.

Elsewhere, Farsight himself led an attack on Hive City Pyros itself. After four days of heavy fighting the Enclave breached the walls and entered the city streets. The first army arrived shortly after to back them up. The Imperium lost many thousands of guardsmen an civilians before the city surrendered to the Enclave.

The Darkness Destroyed - T'Lau

Ultramarines / Gray Knights vs Dark Eldar.

From the darkness of space a large Dark Eldar raiding force descended upon T'Lau on the hunt for slaves and easy prey. Fortunately the population of T'Lau the Ultramarine force that had until recently been conducting war games in the area were still present and swiftly answered the call to battle. A call for help was dispatched telepathically and answered by Inquisitor Butlerian's Gray Knights.

The Dark Eldar marched on the planetary capitol but were halted 80 miles from their target by an entrenched space marine force. The strong opposition combined with poor weather forced the Dark Eldar to fight on the enemy's terms.

The Ultramarines fought a holding action and awaited reinforcements. The next day the Gray Knights arrived and the two armies rose from their fortifications and advanced into the heart of the Dark Eldar. They met on the banks of the Xiushi River. The speed of the Dark Eldar made it hard to pin them down and for four days the two great formations fought toe to toe. To end the stand off the Dark Eldar called in a wave of Ravager's to decimate the space marine tanks and heavy weapons.

Assault squads from the Ultramarines mobilized and managed to destroy several of these in rapid succession, allowing the surviving Land Raiders and devastator teams to bring down the rest. The Gray Knights took their righteous wrath into the heart of the sybarite warriors who were no match for the Emperor's finest! Just as quickly as they had arrived, the Dark Eldar fled back into the depths of space.

Amarok Defeated - Volistad

Orks vs Hive Fleet Amarok.

|For most of the year the orks of Volistad have fought to hold back the horror of the Tyranid invasion and they have been largely successful but have failed to drive them from their world... until now. At the end it was simply a war of attrition. Both sides had lost uncountable numbers of troops but both armies were more than capable of growing more. Finally the greenskins were able to outnumber even the Tyranids and after nearly ten months of constant fighting the last Tyranid organism and bioship have been slain. Volistad belongs to the Ork!

Chaos in Retreat - Illiad

Blood Angels vs Chaos Daemons

On this date the Blood Angels landed fresh ground troops to Illiad to assist in mopping up the remaining Chaos forces. In desperation the Word Bearers summoned a vast army of daemons and threw everything they had at the loyalist lines.

The forces of Chaos tried to resist the oncoming counter-attack but even the daemonic army could not repel an attack of such magnitude. The Blood Angels continued their advance through the wave of infernal horrors taking surprisingly few casualties as they did so. On numerous fronts the space marines pushed the daemons back into the Warp until only a single Chaos stronghold remained, the infamous Soulforge. However, although victory against the daemons had been relatively easy, the battle to take the Soulforge would be a hard fought engagement.

The Minora Massacre - Minora IV

Black Templars vs Craftworld Ulthwe.

The Minora Massacre started with an Eldar invasion to mirror the wars on Metallo IV and deny the Imperium the ability to manufacture new weapons and armour. But the attacking force from Ulthwe had not foreseen the arrival and deployment of the Black Templars space marine chapter who had come seeking the whereabouts of ork warlord Ghazghkull Thraka.

Overconfidence on the part of Ulthwe led them to ignore the smaller and seemingly less important targets around the main command city of Minora. From these locations Neophytes cut communication and supply lines, laid mines and sniped obvious Eldar commanders from cover. It did not take long to confuse and divert the Ulthwe troops away from the command city.

On the following day a detachment of Warp Spiders attempted to teleport into the main command site only to be gunned down by Black Templar marines awaiting just such a move. Over the next week the command city was the site of almost constant battle and many were killed by small arms fire. Finally the Eldar attacked en mass failing to consider how strong the Black Templar positions were. The space marines managed to encircle the surviving Ulthwe ground forces and eliminated them with extreme prejudice.

Eldar Incursion Unstoppable - Metallo IV

Craftworld Biel-Tan vs Ultramarines

The battle for Factorum complex 2366 was a major engagement in the Imperial-Eldar conflict for control of the vital forge world. The day after the Eldar ambushed a Vostroyan convoy in the Shotan Pass, the same Eldar emerged to capture one of the most strategic objectives on the planet. Factoum complex 2366 was the producer of most weapons and vehicles for the Imperium in the whole sector.

Although defended by a company of Ultramarines the complex fell in less than twelve hours. The Ultramarines were forced onto the defensive and retreated to regroup with the Imperial lines at Factorum complex 2300. The Imperium also dispatched troops to defend two neighbouring Factorum complexes believed to be likely targets but this caused a lack of personnel at the sites then attacked by the Eldar.

Biel-Tan forces broke through the enemy lines forcing the defenders to retreat once more. The Eldar were now in control of the most important supply points for the entire crusade.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Update #78

"I have seen what power does, and I have seen what power costs. 
The one is never equal to the other." 
- Inquisitor Butlerian

Battle for the Shotan Pass - Metallo IV

Craftworld Biel-Tan vs Vostroyan Firstborn

The Shotan Pass was a narrow defile worn through a long mountain chain with no exists other than either entrance. The Eldar of craftworld Biel-Tan were able to lay an ambush which destroyed two columns of Vostroyan troops, tanks and supply units.

The 221st Vostroyan received a call for assistance from Factorum 1771 across the mountains from their base of operation. The distress call said that the factorum was under attack by Eldar ground troops and that they had few supplies or skitarii with which to launch a counter offensive. Quickly the 221st mobilised a large force of guardsmen and the few tanks they could spare and set off down the Shotan Pass. At the same time, Biel-Tan guardians were placing themselves in the high rocks at the half way point of the journey, with a force of falcon grav tanks waiting at the far end for the call to enter the fray.

The Eldar were successful in their ambush at only the loss of seven hundred guardians compared to two thousand Vostroyan guardsmen slain. The result of this simple ambush was that now the Eldar had reclaimed sufficient territory to once more be a threat to the Imperium on Metallo IV.

The Return of Inquisitor Butlerian - Arathis Secundus

Gray Knights vs Space Wolves

After many months away from the war zone, Inquisitor Butlerian has returned with grave news. Reports and psychic communiques have reached him that indicate the Eldar forces in the Midas sector are preparing for a strike at the heart of the Imperial forces in two key sectors - the Midas and Perseus sectors. Warmaster Xerxes gives permission for him to intercept and stop these schemes.

Arriving on Arathis Secundus with a force of Gray Knights just in time to witness the destruction of the last Eldar at the hands of the Space Wolves, Butlerian is furious. He berates the Wolf Lord for not waiting and searches the bodies for any further information about the upcoming attacks. When the Wolf Lord reveals that he has the documents from their Farseer and refuses to hand them over, Butlerian declares this company tainted by forces from the Warp.

The Gray Knights attack in response. The already weakened  Space Wolves attempt to regroup and fight back. However, against a fresh and fully equipped Gray Knight force they are unable to defeat, the Space Wolves are cut down. Butlerian takes the data crystals he seeks from the Wolf Lord's body and orders the bodies destroyed. Best to blame the massacre on the Eldar.

Wargames Continue - T'Lau

Imperial Guard vs Dark Angels

Wargames continue in the deserts of T'Lau with the Imperial Guard training to defeat a superior space marine opponent in preparation for the cleansing of the Midas sector of Chaos forces over the coming year. In two lengthy war games various elements of Guard regiments from throughout the local war zones fought and were successful eventually in defeating elements from the Dark Angels space marine chapter. The Dark Angels praised the bravery and skill of the Imperial Guard they faced and recommended that what they had learnt be distributed among their fellow guardsmen.

In truth the Dark Angels were humiliated but the repercussions of that would not occur for some time.

The Darkness is Driven Out - Metallo IV

Vostroyan Firstborn vs Dark Eldar

The attack on the remaining Dark Eldar stronghold at Metallo began with an Imperial assault that was swiftly driven back and an associated pincer movement blunted. Aid was called for, and the area was carpet bombed prior to the arrival of a detachment from the Vostroyan Firstborn newly arrived to support the war effort. With their arrival further direct attacks were halted and the battle lines bolstered. Several baneblade super heavy tanks arrived and in conjunction with further bombing the walls of the redoubt were breached.

The next day, in dense almost supernatural fog, both armies engaged in close quarters fighting. Both sides inflicted severe casualties to the other. The Vostroyan's were able to capture two kilometers of the southern front which the Dark Eldar failed to recapture.

The next day saw the Vostroyan tanks continue to pound on the enemy forcing them to retreat into the Imperial lines surrounding them though they failed to break through. For the rest of the day artillery and tanks rained fire down upon their positions. Any attempt by the Dark Eldar to escape was cut down by heavy weapons fire or Imperial aircraft.

It took two more days but with further aid from the Imperial Navy aircraft the Vostroyan Firstborn closed in and entrapped the piratical foe. The Dark Eldar on Metallo IV were cut down and their presence on that world eliminated.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Update #77

"We're always in trouble! Isn't this extraordinary - it follows us everywhere!" 
- Cassius, Cadian guardsman

Tau Offensive Continues - Pyros II

Farsight Enclave vs Imperial Guard

In the early hours of 221214.M41 the 351st Cadian exchanged small arms fire with scout forces from the invading Farsight ground troops in the badlands of sector 477. By mid afternoon the main body of the Tau army had crossed into the sector and engaged the Imperial troops. The 351st responded with a barrage from a sizable basilisk detachment. The barrage continued for an hour until Commander Farsight ordered his orbiting starships to destroy the site from orbit. When the dust settled the Imperial forces responded with a wave of aircraft to strafe the incoming army.

The Imperial commanders plan was to hold the Enclave advance and slowly push them back into the badlands where the heat and lack of water would weaken them for a swift eradication. He hoped that it would both demoralize the enemy and give his special forces the opportunity to eliminate the infamous Commander Farsight. His advisers suggested that the Tau could survive for up to a week in the badlands with their current supply lines.

The battle plans changed with the arrival of a wing of Tau hammerhead class tanks outflanking the 351st from the deep deserts. They swiftly eliminated many of the Imperial defence weapons and forced the troops to retreat back into their bunkers. The Imperial commander then made an unwise decision. He ordered most of his troops to escort the remaining battle tanks out into the desert to combat the new Enclave hammerhead squadrons. The troops were not trained in combating the Tau and many were unable to keep up with the tanks. Without infantry support the leman russ battle tanks took a pounding from the enemy. Those troops who had kept up with the tanks found themselves surrounded by the skimmer tanks and destroyed along with their own tanks.

Two days later the Enclave deployed fresh troops and vehicles to the surface of Pyros II, rotating out those who had launched the first attack. The Imperial Guard had no chance of winning this battle and what few remained fought bravely to hold their bastions against the alien advance.

Help did come eventually when the Imperial Navy managed to destroy the Enclave command ship in orbit. Unfortunately it fell through the atmosphere and impacted near the main Imperial command station killing over seven thousand guardsmen and most of the command staff for the planet. A Pyrrhic victory for the Imperium but one that may well cost them the war for Pyros.

Wargames Continue - T'Lau

Ultramarines vs Iron Hands

Over the course of a week at the end of the year, two space marine chapters came together to hone their fighting skills. The Ultramarines and Iron Hands deployed across a narrow divide from one another with their commanders in a nearby bunker ordering tactical changes or objectives throughout the engagement. Although the Iron Hands seemed more capable of battlefield adaptation than the Ultramarines, they failed the war games due to focusing too heavily on objectives and not enough of halting the advance of the opposing force. After three days of simulated combat it was determined that the Ultramarines had successfully won the engagement.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Fall of Port Peril - Callista VI

Orks vs White Scars

On Callista VI the last survivours of the Imperial forces had retreated to the ruins of Port Peril to await their end. The orks had swept through the outer defences slaughtering men, women and children as they did. At the last moment the orks found themselves under attack from behind. Out of the ruined boneyards swept a mounted wave of space marines on bikes.

The White Scars did not expect to be able to defeat the orks but only to distract them long enough for evacuation transports to get as many of the population to safety as they could. Over the next two days the fighting was intense. The orks put up a stiff resistance but still the space marines threw themselves into the greenskin lines.

When the last evacuation transport managed to escape, the White Scars retreated with the orks in fast pursuit. Although the civilians escaped and many orks were killed, Callista had been left in the hands of the orks while the Imperium focused on other more important targets.

Imperial Offensive Continues - Illiad

Blood Angels vs Necrons

Following the Armageddon Steel Legion's successful strike on Illiad, the Blood Angels arrived and launched an attack on the Necron. Having witnessed the Imperial strike on the chaos marines, the necrontyr were ready to repel an attack. When the Blood Angels attacked their lines they found they had to fight hard to defeat the machines.

The Necrons quickly surrounded the space marines and poured fire into their ranks. After an hour of furious close quarters fighting the Blood Angels broke through the lines and turned the tide of battle in their favour. At this time it was revealed to be a distraction as the Necron command tomb detonated. A team of terminator marines emerged from the rubble having breached the complex and planting charges.

The Necron warriors were thrown into chaos and the space marines cut them down with ease. Within a matter of hours the Imperium had established their dominance on Illiad.

The Imperium Strikes Back - Illiad

Armageddon Steel Legion vs Word Bearers

The Imperium has received fresh reinforcements in the form if an entire regiment of the Armageddon Steel Legion. At first they headed towards Midas Prime to aid in the recapture of the planet but Warmaster Xerxes countermanded the order and redirected them to Illiad. Their orders to engage the enemy and establish a beachhead for the further Imperial troops.

The attack began with the warships launching orbital strikes upon the traitor marine lines and then with a vast airborne deployment of manpower and tanks. The strikes caused severe damage and loss of life, preventing the traitor marines organising an adequate defence. As the troops deployed, a wave of valkyries struck at the Word Bearer defences further keeping them subdued.

Subsequent ground attacks forced the Word Bearers back into the wastes and closer to the Necron lines. The sheer number of tanks, artillery and man on the ground ensured that the traitor marines would be unable to adequately launch a counter attack.

From start to finish the battle lasted for three days and as the Steel Legion pushed out, the Mechanicum arrived to begin construction of new command bastion complex from which to launch the request of Illiad.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Return of the Enclave - Pyros II

Farsight Enclave vs Sons of Tantalus.

The Enclave returns! This time the renegade Tau faction has chosen the Imperial held Midas Sector as their target for expansion. With fresh reinforcements and a fully recovered Commander Farsight do they have a chance?

The Enclave descended upon the Pyros system with a fleet of star ships, deploying fire warriors to each world as they passed in towards the system capital. They smashed their way through the Imperial Navy blockade and dropped the majority of their ground troops to the surface. The only force able to quickly respond was the much diminished Sons of Tantalus space marines deployed as a penance for their previous actions.

The battle was quick, for the space marines were massively outnumbered. They fought bravely but could not stop an entire war fleet of Tau. Within the Midas Sector the Sons of Tantalus were wiped out to a man. The chapter would never play a roll in this crusade again.

Wrath of the Orks - Callista VI

Orks vs Craftworld Iyanden / Imperial Knight.

Steadily the Imperium has been losing ground upon the shrine world of Callista VI. The orks have managed to overwhelm the defenders due to constant reinforcements from the nearby Volistad system, the seat of Ghazghull's power in the sector.

At dawn on 221114.M41 the orks launched their next offensive against the Imperium. Their target this time was a detachment of Imperial Knights recently deployed to the war. The battle started as the sun crypt across the tomb fields and lasted for thirteen straight hours. After six hours, the Imperium received unexpected aid in the arrival of a force of Eldar from the Iyanden Craftworld.

Having inflicted heavy losses upon the Knights, the orks changed the focus of their wrath onto the newly arrived Eldar. The Eldar kept up a steady onslaught on the greenskins for many hours. They took heavy casualties doing so however. Soon the air was filled with the sound of smoking engines as a flight of Burna-Bommer's approached from the north.

The orks lost many of their number as the promethium tanks fell from the low flying aircraft but the Eldar suffered even more casualties. As the enemy almost routed under the bombardment the orks sent in their mighty meganobz. The Iyanden guardians were almost totally annihilated. Ahead, the bommers came about for a return attack.

As night fall crept over the burning landscape, the Eldar realised that they could not hold the orks at bay and retreated through their portals leaving the Imperial forces to suffer the renewed wrath of the greenskins.

The Fated Overruns The Horde - Crastus

The Fated vs Orks

The ork forces were in the hills overlooking the Chaos forces and launching attacks upon them on a regular basis. The commander of the assembled traitor marines was eager to get out there and lay waste to the greenskins but the war for Crastus had cost him a great many marines and he was unwilling to throw away any more lives until help came from Infernus. The orks were in three groupings, each under a different war boss and numbered about 40,000 boyz. The orks outnumbered the Chaos marines a hundred to one.

Aid came from a most unexpected quarter. On the morning of 221114.M41 a detachment of marines from the Fated crept from the wastes and engaged the smaller of the ork groups. A band of cultists followed behind as reserves and as expendable troops. By night fall the Fated had decimated the orks present.

Once the Fated controlled a third of the encirclement, he called in a wave of Hellblade fighter craft to scout out the positions of the remaining orks. From their aerial position the pilots were able to plot a uncontested route to the next nearest greenskin band. As a result of this, the Fated commander was able to reach and flank the greenskins.

The orks soon realised that they were not alone and launched a counter attack but it was too late. As the orks charged to engage the chaos marines, the Hellblade's swooped down and gunned down the horde. The Fated then picked off the remaining boyz with ease. In two days the Fated had destroyed two thirds of the orks with minimal casualties.

On the third day, the Fated encircled the remaining ork war band. The orks surged from the hills eager to fight and kill. The Hellblades and ranged attacks by havoc squads negated the fury of the Waaagh! By night fall the battle was largely over.

With the last ork dead on the ground, the commander of the Fated approached the Chaos outpost. He informed the war lord within that the Fated have saved their lives. Any who wished to join them and leave behind the tyranny of Abaddon were welcome to do so. Almost to a man, the garrison of the outpost turned sides and bolstered the weakened war band.

Although the Fated had come to recruit troops away from the Despoiler, they deeds weakened the ork presence on Crastus enough that Abaddon's ground forces were able to turn the tide against the orks elsewhere. Soon the banner of the Black Legion would fly upon Crastus once more.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Update #76

"It's bad luck to die on an empty stomach." - Unknown Guardsman.

The Howling Returns - T'Lau

Space Wolves vs Hive Fleet Amarok

The Imperium has been unable to shake the Tyranid presence on T'Lau over the past year and the Militarum commander requested further space marine assistance but it would take months for it to arrive. When it finally did the tide of war changed.

The Space Wolves returned to complete what they had started once before. It took some time to locate the nexus of synapsis control but once the wolf priests had done so, they deployed to the surface in a massive storm of drop pods of orbital insertion craft. Led by Bjorn the Fell-Handed the battle brothers of the chapter smashed into the xenos forces. Although they lost many brothers hive fleet Amarok was devastated, losing thousands of gaunts and higher organisms. When Bjorn reached the dominant Brood Lord the two enagaged in deadly close combat. They fought for hours before finally Bjorn crushed it's skull with his power claw. The Tyranids retreated back and allowed the Imperial Guard to advance, mopping up the last few creatures. T'Lau was again under Imperial control.

In the Shadow of the Omnissiah - Metallo IV

Craftworld Altansar vs Dark Eldar

The forces of Craftworld Altansar have launched a new offensive but not at the expected target. Instead of attacking the Chaos forces throughout the sector, they instead lend their aid to the Imperial defenders of Metallo IV against the entrenched Dark Eldar.

Altansar deployed two columns of troops and advanced through the ruined factorum units towards the enemy. Due to some confusion leading to one column becoming isolated and left behind temporarily, it meant that the Dark Eldar were able to push the advancing Altansar ground troops back. The piratical dark brethren then encircled the enemy forces and launched frightening hide and run raids for three days. A third detachment of aspect warriors were dispatched to assist the ground troops and break the encirclement.

The Dark Eldar had expected reinforcements but were not prepared for Altansar to raise an Avatar for such a battle. The arrival of the flaming god broke the blockade and freed up the Altansar ground troops. The Dark Eldar retreated to their outposts while they planned their next attack. The dark brethren had not been destroyed but their grip on the planet was now tenuous.

Farsight Driven From Midas Sector - Ventara

Craftworld Iyanden vs Farsight Enclave.

On this date Farseer T'ate led his army onto the surface of Ventara. He was in a disagreeable mood and looking to turn that negativity against the last hold of the Farsight Enclave. It is believed by Imperial intelligence that attempts to unify an alliance between the Eldar craftworlds and the Enclave had soured in recent months and this may be why Iyanden launched this strike.

When the time came the Iyanden force marched south straight for Farsight's command center. T'ate's army was relatively few in number while the Tau had fire warriors in the tens of thousands. T'ate did not care. He knew full well that a mere upstart race such as the Tau could not hold off the power of the ancients. Within three weeks the outer colonies had fallen to their advance and now they turned their eye inwards. Iyanden started the attack by launching waves of bombers and fighter aircraft to destroy weapon platforms, power generators and repair stations. Limit what the Enclave could do and the battle would belong to the Eldar. During the bombing Farsight himself was badly wounded but successfully evacuated.

Without their commander to guide them morale dropped among the fire warriors. Many fled but were cut down by the encircling Nightshade fighters. Five days after the battle began not a single Tau was left alive on Ventara.

Chaos Lose Ground - Crastus

Orks vs The Fated

On this date the orks who had been held at bay by the forces of Chaos for so long grew restless and with a mighty warcry launched the largest engagement of the war for Crastus so far. A chance of fate allowed the greenskins to seize the territory that they did. Two days earlier a force of marines from the Fated warband had arrived looking to recover a cache of weapons and supplies left behind months earlier only to find another warband looting it. This upset group were annihilated with ease but before the Fate could recover their equipment the ork tide swept through the area and the warband were fighting for their lives.

Among the ruins of the northern defence wall the Fated and the Orks engaged one another for nearly 48 hours. Whatever the Fated attempted the Orks had a perfect counterstrike. Soon their numbers whittled away and ammunition was scarce. Rather than be taken by the orks, the commander of this band ordered his men to activate all their grenades. The resulting explosion leveled a twelve story ruin and caused much devastation, but the orks were no unopposed in the northern marches.

Ancients Launch Sneak Attack - Crastus

Craftworld Yme-Loc vs Alpha Legion.

A new player has entered the war for the Midas sector, Craftworld Yme-Loc. Drawn to the conflict after almost two years by the desire to see the forces of Chaos routed. To this end they have allied with their brothers in the Altansar Craftworld. Together they may be able to turn the tide of recent eldar losses and bring their cause back full circle.

Grimholdt is a fortified region at the eastern end of the Chaos lines on Crastus and an important fixture in their war against the ork horde. Grimholdt was garrisoned by two companies of Alpha Legion marines. On the night of 211114.M41 a sizeable force of eldar troops marched out of the wastes and ordered the Alpha Legion to evacuate the fortress. When the garrison commander rebuked the command, Yme-Loc launched an attack supported by three phantom class titans and a wave of gravitic tanks. The attack was supported by wave after wave of bomber aircraft and orbital strikes from cloaked starships high above.

Three days later unable to withstand the attack, the Alpha Legion commander ordered a retreat after losing half of his troops. The eldar lost a mere 500 over the three days that the battle raged.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Orbital Engagement - Infernus

Black Legion vs The Fated 

After many months in hiding, the Fated are sought out by an emissary of the Despoiler, once again hoping to draw them into the Warmaster's cause. The Fated however, had other ideas.

As the Black Legion fleet entered the Asteroid Field in which the Fated were said to be hiding, they spread out in order to maximize their search area. It was then that the Fated struck, using the dense terrain to ambush and cripple the most vulnerable Black Legion ships before the rest of the fleet could respond. As the Warmaster's forces became aware of their danger and swung around to engage, those too were attacked from the rear by several Sons of Horus cruisers. Realising that the Black Legion were in danger of becoming trapped, their commander ordered his remaining ships into a spearhead pattern and attempted a breakout. The Murder-class Cruisers 'Damnation' and 'Ruin's Bane' led the thrust, their massed guns smashing the Sons of Horus ships 'Eye of Terra' and 'Bastard of Vorros' aside with brutal ease. 
As the Black Legion fleet fled for open space, with the vessels of the Fated hot on their heels, the message was clear: The Fated would never bend to the command of Abaddon.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Update #75

"If there's a madman on the throne of Infernus, it's because you and Mannus put him there. He's your responsibility." - Ahriman, Thousand Sons

Tau Victory - Acastus Prime

Tau Empire vs Craftworld Alaitoc.

The situation for the Eldar had begun to deteriorate. Over the last couple months the Tau Empire has deployed some forty starships, and over seven thousand fresh fire warriors to ensure total victory. The Tau need a compliant world in the Medusa sector if their attempts at conquest are to be successful.

The Eldar has been amassing the remaining force but it was considered by the Tau leadership to be a token resistance and would be easily crushed. At midnight on 181014.M41 the Tau launched a bombing strike against the enemy. As the Eldar turned their attention skyward, three thousand Tau fire warriors attacked various targets such as the monorails and webway portals, preventing the enemy from escaping. With no way out the Eldar hunkered down in preparation for what was to come.

Although the opening engagements were confined to the Eldar emplacements, it soon began to spread out into the surrounding countryside. On the third day the Tau bombers returned and drove the remaining Eldar out of their positions and into the killing fields where they were quickly cut down by concentrated fire. With the last of the Eldar resistance gone, the Tau were then free to consolidate their victory.

Abaddon's Grip Weakens - Infernus

Death Guard vs Night Lords

The many losses suffered by the forces of Chaos since Abaddon claimed the seat of power on Infernus has caused much friction among the legions under his command. There are some who would see Kor Aven returned from the Warp to conqour the sectors. Among these are the Night Lords and their war lords have not been quiet in their distention.

Unwilling to have his forces splinter into civil war, Abaddon calls upon his loyal subjects to silence the dissenting voices quickly. Typhous then leads his forces to the strong hold of the Night Lords on Infernus. Both sides pull out weapons of war not seen since the final days of the Heresy.  The living wasteland that is the seat of Chaos' power roils and churns with the rage erupting upon its surface, both sides fight themselves and the very world beneath their feet.

After days of fighting Typhous breaches the fortress of the Night Lords and slaughters their leaders, placing their heads about his belt as a sign of his power of them. The fight goes from the Night Lords and they acquiesce to Abaddon's rulership.

Blood and Victory - Arathis Secundus

Space Wolves vs Craftworld Alaitoc.

On the morning of 181014.M41 a Space Wolves battle barge translated into the system dangerously close to the atmosphere of Arathis Secundus. Almost immediately the ship opened fire on the Eldar command posts and the largest concentrations of alien ground forces. A huge number of enemy forces were obliterated and any communication between Eldar forces vanished. The Space Wolves then deployed into the heart of the surviving forces. Less than four hundred space marines attacked an Eldar force of several thousand. The Eldar were no match for the ferocity demonstrated by the Space Wolves and by nightfall the Eldar force had been routed into the lowland basins where they could be contained in preparation for a final assault.

The Eldar war council strong criticized Craftworld Alaitoc's leaders for their lack of resistance but all knew the true fury of the space marines when pushed to extreme measures.

Tooth and Claw - Urbis III

Space Wolves vs Tyranids

For over six long months the Imperial Guard have withstood the assault of the Tyranids on Urbis III. With the concerns over the Necrons and forces of Chaos, the Urbis system has been long forgotten until now. Out of nowhere the night sky was lit by the contrails of hundreds of drop pods striking down from orbit into the snow filled streets of Urbis III. The Space Wolves have come to liberate the world from the jaws of the Great Devourer.

The frightened and exhausted planetary guard watched in awe as the mighty space marines dropped straight into the heart of the alien horde. They engaged the Tyranid monsters in ferocious and bloody hand to hand combat, tearing alien bodies limb from limb! The Space Wolves were like the heroes of the ancient sagas on their frozen home world. No quarter was given and none sought.

After twelve hours of fighting the Space Wolves stood bloodied but victorious atop a mound of alien dead. It was a day the planet's defenders would never forget, as the Tyranid menace was ground down by the might of the Emperor's finest!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sector Update #74

"So the next time we find out where Abaddon plans to strike, we can mine the area, and as soon as they come out of the Warp ... Then, as you so concisely say, boom." - Captain Democritus, Sons of Tantalus 4th company.

Relic Raid - Minora IV

Space Wolves vs The Fated.

The Fated have returned. Their eyes cast upon the forge world of Minora IV where the Imperium holds a fragment of the Star Killer engine. The only problem other than breaching a Mechanicum fortress was a garrison of marines from the Space Wolves chapter.

The Fated launched a drop pod assault from orbit. The first objective, disable the defence lasers, was achieved quickly and with minimal loss of resources. Then they turned their eyes to the Space Wolves who moved to man the walls. The strong point assault took several hours but eventually the Fated breached the walls and the two armies smashed in the courtyards.

A few squads managed to breach the vaults but were unsuccessful in retrieving the relic. The Space Wolves had expected just such a target and protected the device with a full company. When it was apparent that victory was not an option the Fated retreated, pursued by the loyalist marines. If the Fated wanted the device they would have to find another way of claiming it.

The Walls Hold - Pyros II

Dark Angels / Raven Guard vs Black Legion.

Following the loss of the Pyros system Abaddon dispatched a fresh legion of his marines to regain a foothold on the second planet. The Dark Angels and Raven Guard set aside the recent manipulations and united to repel the returning chaos marines. The Imperium had already begun bolstering the fortifications and mining the sand fields in the direction the Black Legion would approach from. Both space marine chapters called in air support and the skies were soon theirs, allowing them to strafe the oncoming force with impunity.

The Black Legion suffered massive casualties. By the time they reached their target they had been reduced to a third of their number. The two loyalist chapters then opened fire with long ranged weaponry, before charging into close combat. The sands turned red with the blood of so many vanquished marines on both sides but the day was held. The few Black Legion who routed were swiftly hunted down by the Raven Guard.

On Infernus, Abaddon the Despoiler felt his grip on the sector fading.

Misdirection - Pyros II

Dark Angels vs Raven Guard

The Black Legion has retreated from their last bastions on Pyros II. The world lies once more in the hands of the Imperium. But the enemy has not left without causing chaos among the space marines on the planet. The dark sorcerers have cast their dark magic and turned marine against marine. Tricked by the warp, marines from the Raven Guard and Dark Angels turn upon one another seeing their battle brothers as the enemy. The two chapters recovered quickly but the damage had been done, and the enemy escaped into the warp.

Desert Storm - Pyros II

Raven Guard vs Black Legion.

The stalemate on Pyros has continued to drag on due to the remaining Black Legion marines using the deep desert wastes to hide and launch raids from. Warmaster Xerxes has ordered that this world be retaken and the enemy destroyed as soon as possible. With the Pyros system in the hands of the Imperium it will severely limit Abaddon's forces from launching new crusades out into the sector. The task of eliminating the enemy has fallen to the Raven Guard chapter whose expertise in such actions is legendary.

For weeks the Raven Guard scoured the deserts in secret, removing any enemy patrols and isolated bunkers. As more and more of their forces went silent on Pyros the Black Legion came to know fear. Rumours of a new weapon deployed by the Imperium were quickly silenced once the Raven Guard found the traitor marines hidden base. Under cover of night they launched a swift strike on the command center. Once inside the base the Raven Guard entered into close combat with the enemy, cutting their way deeper in until one assault team reached the reactor and planted explosives. As quickly as they appeared the space marines vanished back into the desert night. As the Black Legion pulled back inside expecting a second assault the explosives triggered and night was turned into day, sand into glass and the traitors blasted into atoms.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sector Update #73

"Only an idiot fights a war on two fronts. Only the heir to the throne of the kingdom of idiots
would fight a war on twelve fronts!" - Abaddon the Despoiler

Dawn of War - Pyros II

Dark Angels vs Black Legion

The battle for Pyros has been reduced a stalemate as both sides shifted the lines back and forth. Abaddon demanded that the Imperial forces here be destroyed so that he could focus on the threat of the necron dynasty.

The Black Legion launched a strike against the Imperial lines at Sakaria. Skillfully executed it forced the Imperial forces to retreat under heavy fire. The Black Legion then wheeled north and fought their way through the lines until they were intercepted by the Dark Angels!

The determining feature of this engagement was the chemical river that flowed between the two forces. The banks were deep and sloped, and bridges were few and far apart. It was here that the Dark Angels had chosen to make their stand against their traitorous brethren. For the Black Legion the decision whether to hunker down or to advance was a tough one. Both had merits and flaws. They had the manpower to outnumber the space marines but the river prevented them moving up any tanks or heavy artillery. Eventually the idea of charging forward become too tempting to resist.

By the second day of fighting the chaos advance had been halted and the Dark Angels had crossed the river to engage the enemy in their own territory. The battle came down to chainsword and bolter in close quarters action. While the ground forces fought the Dark Angels used long range lascannons to obliterate the Black Legion artillery and tanks from range.

The battle was swiftly decided in favour of the Dark Angels who then continue to pursue the fleeing chaos marines into the desert wastes.

Pest Control - Pyros II

Night Lords vs The Fated.

With the war against the Imperium on Pyros going badly faction rivalries have once more arisen among the traitor marines. The Night Lords had not forgotten recent defeats to the warband called The Fated and took it upon themselves once again to obliterate them once and for all. Pretending to be retreating from the Imperial Guard they approached the Fated's stronghold here and then in a sudden and unexpected turn of events laid siege to it.

The siege lasted five days before reinforcements from the Fated's marines fighting elsewhere arrived but they were cut down by the Night Lords well before they could assist. It seemed that the lords of the night had considered every eventuality this time. Using the Imperium's own advancement to ensure that the besieged fortress was cut off from all supplies they only had to wait out their siege if necessary for there was only limited ammunition available to the Fated.

By the time that the forces of Chaos were able to turn the tide of battle against the Imperial army all the remained of the Fated's stronghold was a crater in the dirt. It was assumed to have been the work of the Imperium for the Night Lord's covered up all trade of their presence.

Enclave Rebuked - Acastus Prime

Farsight Enclave vs Warriors of Ynnead

Exhausted and spent by the war on Ventara the refugees from the Farsight Enclave have come to Acastus Prime looking for assistance from the Tau Empire. They find the Tau engaged in a lengthy war with the Eldar alliance. The Tau offer to supply them with food, water and medical supplies in return for aid against the Eldar. Though tired of the fighting the leaders of the Enclave ship agree to the arrangement.

The Encave deploys to the front lines while the supplies are loaded on board their orbiting craft. When the eldar seize the opportunity to attack the front lines the Warriors of Ynnead engage the Farsight forces along the left flank. Over twenty thousand men and women died that day between the two armies. Due to the sacrifice of the Enclave soldiers the Eldar were unable to breach the defences, saving the lives of many more thousand Tau fire warriors.

In the days following the battle, the Enclave withdrew to their ship and departed the system looking for a safe harbour to regroup.

The Green Tide Advances - Ventara

Orks vs Farsight Enclave

The Enclave has spent months holding their position against the ork forces gaining ground on Ventara. Reinforcements have all been shot down on entry to the system and no more seem forthcoming. Commander Farsight, under orders from his own advisors, has been ferried off world to safety by means unknown, leaving his brave men and women to hold the line in a suicidal defence.

Finally the orks grew bored of the frequent raids repulsed and charge en mass into the outer ring of Enclave fortifications. The green tide was too strong and the number of Tau dead grew by the hour. For four days the battle raged before the Enclave began to withdraw back to the last bastion of safety. This would be the turning point in the war that saw a new world added to Ghazghull's new empire.

Chaos Fails To Remove Necron Threat - Illiad

Necrons vs World Eaters

A reconnaissance force of World Eater marines advanced across the dust plains of Illiad as the winter season set in on the planet. The battle began with an assault on the Necron army near the ruins of an ancient mag-lev system that once covered the planet's southern continent. The World Eaters used the early morning mists as an advantage to cover their approach. The initial attack pushed the necron warriors back and quickly liberated the mag-lev system.

The necron lords uncharacteristically called their fighting forces back to the nearest command base. Although the World Eaters had orders to just recapture territory, their furious rage overtook them and they charged forward to assault the necron command centre where they were mostly cut down by defensive fire. The chaos marines took heavy casualties before the rage dissipated and they fell back. The assault had been too costly and when the necron forces marched once more, the World Eaters survivours were cut down. The necron army retook the vital mag-lev and with no enemy forces within hundreds of miles were able to capture far more territory than they had for the few months they had occupied the southern wastes.

The result was a disaster for the chaos forces. Abaddon wanted to launch further and more concentrated attacks upon the Imperium but it was not possible while the necrontyr captured more and more territory. Until the machines were vanquished the new crusade was put on hold.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Sector Update #72

"This is the end game. We'll be okay as long as nothing goes wrong." - famous last words

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Return of the Empire - Hermes IV

Tau Empire vs Imperial Guard

After many months away the Tau Empire returns to the Hermes system with a vengeance. A war fleet three times the size of any thus far seen in the region arrived in the system and began deploying smaller attack ships and landing craft. Hermes IV suffered the heaviest elements of the invasion force.

Tau troops were deployed en mass to three of the four continents. Hundreds of landing craft were shot down but the Imperium's best efforts barely put a dent into their numbers. The Imperial air force and tank divisions rolled out to engage the Tau and for several days the wastelands between the cities was a tapestry of apocalyptic devastation.

The Imperial defenders suffered heavy casualties and the titan legion assigned to Hermes IV lost several of it's god engines to wave after wave of Tau manta's. The alien attackers pushed the Imperial forces back into the hive cities and encircled them in preparation for continued assault.