Friday, 30 August 2013

Sector Control #33

"Why is that we always break up our history by the wars, not the years of peace? The Horus Heresy, the battle for Macragge, the Black Crusades, the Zeist Campaign, Armageddon, the Damocles Gulf, the Badab War. Why the war and not the peace? Because it's exciting, and because on some level people like to see something big fall apart and explode from the inside out. And right now, Warmaster, we're that something." - Librarian Argo, Sons of Tantalus.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Wheels Within Wheels - Fangol

Sons of Tantalus vs Craftworld Alaitoc.

On the night of 220813.M41 for reasons unknown, the eldar of the Iyanden craftworld retreated from their captured space marine fortress to a secondary site some distance away. The forces of craftworld Alaitoc were required to hold off the coming Imperial advance and counter-strike.

Three days later the forces of Alaitoc struck full force at an Imperial supply dump as elements of the Sons of Tantalus 4th company were refueling their transports. Due to premonitions from the chapters librarians, the company were prepared for any assault. Even so, the space marines suffered heavy casualties from dark reapers and sniper units, but were rallied by the presence of captain Democritus. As the Sons of Tantalus' defensive positions fell, the eldar were able to advance through the ruins forcing the space marines to fall back.

That night, the eldar commander ordered the destruction of the fuel and ammunition dumps, and then to fall back into the cold wastes. The eldar retreat when unchallenged by the space marines, who neither attacked nor pursued.

Elsewhere the eldar of craftworld Iyanden had struck at a number of other vital points, causing the Imperial supply lines to wither and shrink.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Sector Control #32

"All we know is that we will die. It's only a matter of how, when and whether or not it is with honor. But for the greater part to live, some must die, or be harmed in its defense and yours. There is no other way." - Commander Shadowsun, Tau Empire.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Tendrils of Amarok Return - Khemet III

Tyranids vs Necrons

When Hive Ships appeared in the Khemet system the Necrons prepared for the main engagement. The Eldar who they had been fighting were left to fend for themselves for the time being. The Tyranid threat was far more important to repel.

When the bio-organisms made planetfall, the necrons launched a major offensive to cut them off before they gained a foothold. They hoped to provide a continuous stream of forces that they could overwhelm the aggressive aliens. This was their only chance at an early victory. There were hopes that the eldar might also engage but it seems they simple retreated into the webway to avoid the conflict. The initial engagement was met by a counter-attack of gaunts and other smaller organisms.

The main force got stuck in and managed to obliterate thousands of the smaller creatures. The right flank likewise managed to inflict heavy casualties but an attempt to envelop the tyranids failed to the early presence of larger bio-organisms. After many hours the central force and the left flank were able to push forwards and sweep round to push the tyranids into a crucible against the right flank, preventing their escape and wiping them out.

Overhead the necron vessels performed well and were able to destroy the few hive ships present. Due to the eldar's cowardly retreat, the necron armies were able to advance and reclaim territory taken months earlier.

The Raid - Illiad

Black Legion vs Imperial Navy

The Imperial Navy have launched a daring raid on a much larger Black Legion fleet in high orbit above the planet Illiad. Striking hard and fast, the Imperial navy swept in from behind them, catching them unawares and unready for engagement. the Mars Class Battlecruisers Minotaur and Scimitar gutted the Black Legion flagship Reavers Hunt with concentrated Nova Cannon fire, leaving it burning in the void as they made their escape before the rest of the fleet could bring its guns to bear. The Slaughter Class cruiser Eye of Terra was also heavily damaged as the Imperial raiders made their escape. All of which was a cover to keep the traitor fleet occupied whilst across the other side of the planet, a smaller Imperial fleet with space marine support launched a new offensive to retake the planet from the hands of Chaos.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Eldar Victories Continue - Fangol

Dark Angels vs Craftworld Iyanden.

The morning of 150813.M41 opened with the Eldar army marching into Imperial territory and meeting little resistance. The Imperial troops that had been in front of them had moved south and potentially threatened their right flank. There was still time to remedy this and threaten the Eldar movements. The Dark Angels under Belial marched westwards towards their forces, a situation already determined by the farseers of Iyanden.

Due to weather delays that prevented aid from Craftworld Alaitic from reaching them in time, Iyanden launched the attack. They met the two space marine forces in the wastes between star port Cryos and fortress monastery Valiance. The outcome of the battle was that the two companies fell back under heavy fire. In the meantime, the main Dark Angels contingent assaulted the southern flank, while elements of the Ravenwing advanced towards the right flank unopposed.

Farseer T'ate opened his own attack the following day. His use of a wraithknight proved to be decisive, and by night the space marines were falling back. In order to capitalise on this, he ordered the bulk of the Iyanden forces to turn southwest and encircle the collective force of space marines. A pocket was formed, which the Eldar pounded with heavy weapons and artillery fire.

Attempts by the local PDF to intervene were unsuccessful. Eldar snipers and patrolling jetbike squadrons proved an effective barrier to their advance and the battle was over by the time they breached the Eldar lines.

The Wolves of Fenris Strike! - Rakdos

Space Wolves vs Tyranids

Help has finally come to the war-weary Imperial Guard containing the Tyranid menace on Rakdos. With the arrival of the Space Wolves back in the crusade, the alien threat would be destroyed once and for all.

The Space Wolves under the command of Njarl Stormcaller descended from orbit in a single massive drop pod assault right into the heart of the Tyranid hive. Initial bolter fire devastated the smaller organisms and allowed the marines to deploy their hard hitting combat troops. As the Tyranids counter-assaulted across open ground, the space marines used what defences there were to provide cover and protection.

Holding their ground despite superior odds and taking heavy casualties, the Space Wolves' battle plan worked fantastically. Within hours, the smaller Tyranid organisms had been spent hurling themselves into the barricades. Massed heavy weapon fire from the Long Fangs decimated the larger monstrous organisms disrupting the hive minds control. The horde fled or sat idly waiting for new instructions. The Space Wolves gave pursuit and herded the monsters into the waiting sights of the Imperial Guard artillery.

By night fall the last of the Tyranids on Rakdos were dead and the planet was once again in the hands of the Imperium, though Stormcaller reported that the "Shadow in the Warp" was drawing closer and the battle for Rakdos was just a taste of the glorious battles to come.

Retribution - T'Lau

Grey Knights vs Dark Angels

Inquisitor Lord Butlerian's hatred of the Dark Angels rises once again and he has the opportunity to punish the chapter without his hand being seen. Following the chapter's attack on the Tau colony of T'lau, he dispatches the Grey Knights under his command to destroy the survivors, claiming that they have been tainted by the Great Enemy.

Already weakened under-equipped following the recent battle, the Dark Angels could not stand up to this fresh onslaught. The marines present are put to the sword and the bolter, and the evidence of the battle cleaned up. Butlerian sends a fake call for help to the Space Wolves present, knowing that the two chapters are rivals and help is not likely in coming.

What happened to the missing attack force remains unknown to the Dark Angels, though after prior events they have their suspicions.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Operation Angelis - T'Lau

Tau Empire vs Dark Angels

The start of Operation Angelis began in the morning with a strike by Ravenwing landspeeders against the Tau force heading to retake the recently captured mining facility. The land speeders picked out the weaker points in the Tau forces and concentrated all fire upon them. An hour later the Dark Angels launched an infantry assault, attempting to force their way into the midst of the Tau, denying the enemy their exceptional firepower. Unfortunately the space marines were unmissable targets for the well trained Tau. The assaulting Dark Angels were mown down by pulse rifle and artillery fire. The incoming fire was so accurate that the marine commander thought that their intelligence on Tau weaponry was woefully outdated.

The initial assault was repulsed with heavy casualties. The commander ordered an new assault using a more open formation attack pattern. This attack was more successful as the loser formation made it harder for the Tau to accurately bring down fire. As a result, the Tau found themselves hard pressed into close quarters combat. The fire warriors faced the heaviest fighting, and it was only the presence of a Kroot tribe that allowed them some breathing room.

By the days end, the Tau had suffered horrific casualties and loss of equipment. Only effective covering fire and expert training ensured that the Tau were not entirely wiped out. As night began to fall, the Ravenwing returned with air support to mow down those fleeing the battle. By midnight, the Tau had retreated to their nearest colony which they expected to be the new line of defence. The retreat did not stop there. Significantly out fought by the Dark Angels, elements of the Tau continued to fall back towards the planet's capital city.

Over time the battle would attain a level of mythic status for the Dark Angels in which the chapter managed to overcome an alien force easily four times their number.

Battle of the Charonis River - Illiad

Black Legion vs Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard had managed to create a 40km line of trench works, tank traps and fortifications against the traitor forces arrayed against them on Illiad. Hundreds of thousands of men, women, and tanks populated this line which ran along the southside of the Charonis river. Recent arrivals from the Mordian Iron Guard and the Attilan Rough Riders who would have bolstered their numbers had been redeployed elsewhere. Arrayed against them were the Black Legion supported by what war bands had thrown their lot in Abaddon the Despoiler.

Although the Imperial commander knew that retreat was likely to be a necessary act and warned against the Black Legion pushing through the Imperial lines, his superiors believed that nothing could breach the Charonis defences and ordered him to stay put and hold the line. The Black Legion launched a serious assault, with raptors and other assault troops crossing the river, while elsewhere two bridgeheads were established to allow the troops across safely. Despite repeated attempts by the Imperial artillery, they could not take out those bridgeheads. After three days of fighting, the centre of the Imperial lines began to falter and fall back.

Meanwhile other elements of the traitor forces had crossed the river further east and under cover of the battle were able to move unseen to slam into the eastern flanks which quickly collapsed under the two pronged attack. With the loss of two thirds of the defences, the Imperial Guard fell back in a disorganised route. The Black Legion was victorious.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Sector Control #31

"We are a dying people. So are the Humans. Obsessed with each others death until death is all we can see, and death is all we deserve." - Farseer Solon, Craftworld Altansar.

The Imperium's great crusade to bring the Emperor's light to the Midas sector has faltered and run a ground. The machinations and intervention of alien empires has ground them to a stand still. Worlds thought compliant again require cleansing of taint. The Imperium must try harder if these worlds are to be brought back under the Imperium of Man.

The Eldar have stepped up their attacks on seemingly random targets throughout this corner of the galaxy. They strike with little rhyme or reason and it has thrown their enemies into confusion, watching the skies for sign of wraithships on an attack vector.

The Chaos forces once united under Kor Aven have fragmented into their own war bands with no single leader. Now they fight the enemies within and the without for control of their own empires among the stars. Without a strong hand to lead them, it could be exactly what the Imperium needs to drive them into the void.

The Tau Empire seems content to slowly expand into the Medusa sector even though this brings them into conflict with several empires. They also have their own internal problems as the infamous Commander Farsight has turned entire world to his cause but whether he seeks to expand a personal empire is as yet unknown.

The Orks are spread across all three sectors though at this time they appear to be contained. Orbital scans of Volistad show great fleets of Roks being constructed on the surface. Ghazghkull is rebuilding his horde in preparation for sweeping through this region in a mighty Waaagh! the likes of which not seen before.

The various Necron dynasties seek to claim the empire of a long dead dynasty, and seeking the remnants of their power from beneath the surface of ancient worlds. So far they have not made war against one another but that time will come as remaining resources dwindle. Meanwhile they battle the younger races for control of those ancient worlds.

Hive Fleet Archelon's tendrils appear to have blunted against the forces arrayed against them in the Perseus sector, though a new hive has been uncovered on Grimlock that could allow the hive fleet to spread quickly to neighbouring worlds.

The Dark Eldar appear to have given up with their slave raids in local space. Matters more pressing have caused their attention to turn else where. Only a handful of outposts remain and they are in constant threat of being eliminated.

Expansion Continues - Acastus prime

Black Legion vs Tau Empire

The Tau expansion takes a new direction, with the eyes being cast upon the crone world at the edge of the sector.

Upon completing their landing, the overall Tau commander ordered an armoured assault through a thick fleshy woodland in order to support the fire warriors advancing ahead to locate the enemy. Enemy forces in the area were expected to be light, and the mysterious living flesh forest provided the fire warriors excellent cover against bolter rounds. They did learn that the Black Legion were gathering in the area, and they launched a counter-offensive against the Tau.

The battle was fought over two fronts, with separate Black Legion companies smashing into opposite ends of the Tau line. The Black Legion continued to advance through the forest as they blasted the alien invaders into bloody smears. The Tau strategy changed to falling back and letting the heavy weapons pulverise the Chaos forces, leaving the basic troops to mop up the few stragglers.

Perhaps the world itself attempted to defend itself, as a thick miasma arose from the ground, making ranged combat all but worthless for both sides. The Black Legion had assumed that the invading Tau were merely a recon force, but they were actually massively outnumbered.

The first day of battle was essentially skirmishes throughout the forests. The advanced tactical skills and long range firepower of the Tau proved to offset the initial Chaos victories, though casualties were heavy on both sides. The Black Legion would often charge from the undergrowth only to be cut down by heavy fire from over watch teams of fire warriors.

On the third day the Black Legion were forced to retreat, allowing the Tau to begin a safe construction of fortifications and landing zones. As a consequence of the Black Legion retreat, the Tau were able to locate and claim a series of mine workings which would be put to their use.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Failed Experiment - Grimlock

Craftworld Iyanden vs Sons of Tantalus

No word has been heard from the Mechanicus research facility on the jungle world of Grimlock since before the start of the crusade. When the adepts supporting the crusade fleet asked for assistance in contacting them, the Sons of Tantalus were assigned the task. They couldn't suffer casualties in such a simple task, could they?

Upon deploying into the heart of the flesh-eating swamps, the marines located the Mechanicus facility and found it abandonded. Much had been destroyed and there were signs that the adepts had been conducting biological experiments here. Perhaps something had gone wrong and overwhelmed them? The space marines had little time to evaluate any of this information when word reached them that two Eldar wraithships had translated into the system and were approaching at attack speeds. The battle barge left orbit and made for the jump point to seek aid.

The Sons of Tantalus took hold of the fortifications and facility buildings, prepared a gunline and waited for the enemy. The Eldar soon arrived in a mechanised assault force supported by a wraithknight. Although the planet took a heavy toll on the combatants, it was the sudden and unexpected lightning storm that almost brought the massive construct to it's knees. Eldar long range weaponry tore through the outer defences and many marines died in the opening volley of the conflict. They were hopelessly outmatched here, and the squads were decimated.

The Eldar did not have time to celebrate however, as all around them jungle came alive. The facility had been experimenting on captured tyranids organisms. Organisms that had overwhelmed the adepts, escaped into the jungle, survived... survived and evolved.

Imperial Raid - T'Lau

Tau Empire vs Space Wolves

Upon returning to the crusade, the Space Wolves paused in the Medusa sector to launch a raid on the Tau mining colony at T'Lau. The valuable ores extracted could be put to a better use in humanity's attempt to reclaim this region of the galaxy.

The Space Wolves dropped to the surface via drop pod and thunderhawk, right into the heart of the largest Tau facility. Immediately the space marines began to tear through the defenidng military presence. The Tau were unprepared for such a ferocious attack and many were slaughtered. When it became impossible for them to hold the facility, a retreat order was given and the aliens fled. Any stragglers, civilian or military were put to death.

All resources were transported back up to the star ships in orbit. A garrison left behind to ensure that the facility did not fall back into Tau hands.

Caught In The Middle - Fangol

Craftworld Iyanden vs Dark Angels

The Eldar plan was based on defeating the Dark Angels as quickly as possible, which would allow Iyanden to transport their forces eastward to meet the invading Necron army. The space marines had more infantry available to them than the Craftworld could muster at this time, but they were spread out in an effort to engage the Necrons. When the attack began it took some time to organise the chapter into a decent fighting force. This meant that the Eldar had a short window of time where they could fight a defensive battle, holding off whatever the Dark Angels could throw at them, while they waited for the rest of their forces to arrive.

Initially the Eldar faced little to no true resistance. When they reached the Dark Angels fortress, a furious frontal attack broke out. The battle was short and the Dark Angels were forced to retreat eastwards into the wastes. The Eldar pursued them but the advance ended when they came under Necron artillery fire. The Eldar fell back taking the fortress as their defences.

The Dark Angels managed to cover the distance to the nearest Imperial outpost where a report was filed and preperations made to retake their fortress.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Tau Defend Against Alien Aggressor - T'Vora

Craftworld Ulthwe vs Tau Empire / Imperial Guard

There are those who believe that the conflict that occurred on T'Vora was the result of an attempted infiltration of the Medea system by Tau scout ships several days earlier. The Eldar have always been determined to keep any "aliens" away from their planet and perhaps a retaliatory strike was deemed the way to get that message across to the Tau.

At approximately 25:00 hours, elements of the Tau military encountered an Eldar expeditionary force and fighting erupted. The Eldar forces were lightly armed and were quickly driven away from the battlefield. By midnight, fierce clashes between the two sides were underway and chaos ensued in the darkness. By morning, the Tau had retaken the territory taken by the Eldar in their initial incursion, and dislodged the aliens from their positions. The survivors of Ulthwe retreated in some disorder into the foothills and mountains. Fire warrior teams pursued and prevented the Eldar from regrouping.

Two days later, the Tau attempted to destroy the invaders once and for all but their efforts failed. Human auxiliaries attacked the few Eldar held positions in the mountains while fire warriors continued to push the Eldar and keep them off balance.

On the third day, the Eldar launched another attack, with the intention of pushing the Tau back into the badlands below the mountains. However, the attempt failed as the Tau annihilated the Ulthwe forces, forcing the Eldar to remain in the highland kill zones. Elsewhere, the Tau counter-offensive continued well. A wave of kroot were fought off, but further attacks followed throughout the night. In the early morning, the Tau finally crushed the Eldar force, taking minimal casualties. Within three days no Eldar remained alive on T'Vora.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Revenge of the Machines - Fangol

Dark Angels vs Necrons

The Dark Angels stationed on Fangol were taken by surprise when a sizeable Necron force materialised from nothing in the frozen wastes surrounding their fortress monestary. This was the first strike in an attempt to recover the ancient tombs complexes beneath the ice of Fangol's frozen oceans.

The necrons captured the fortress in a seige that lasted just over four hours. The commander of that force triggered a fake distress call to trick more of the space marines to their deaths. When the Dark Angels reinforcements swooped in by thunderhawk, they came under heavy fire from pylons and arks hidden beneath the snow. Gauss weaponry ripped through the survivours as they disembarked from the fallen aircraft.

With their opponents defeated, the Necron army began to repair the fortress for their own use and summoned more from a hidden tomb ship waiting in the rings of Fangol 2's moon. The Necron had secured a suitable base of operations from which the Imperium would be hard pressed to remove them.

Sector Control #30

"Once we pull the first trigger we can't hesitate to pull the next one, because the enemy sure won't. Now, once we're in, we're in: no surrender, no retreat." - Brother Lazarus, Dark Angels 1st company

Grey Knight Training Continues - Hermes IV

Grey Knights vs Grey Knights

Inquisitor Butlerian has ordered his forces to begun construction of a new fortress monestary in the Hermes system. While the construction begins, he has put his Grey Knight troops back into training mood in preperation for further assaults on the Midas sector. They undergo further war games on Hermes IV.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Kor Aven's Legacy - Fangol

Black Legion vs Hawk Lords

The battle began in the early hours when two companies of space marines from the Hawk Lords chapter performed an atmospheric insertion via wings of thunderhawks into the traitor positions. The Black Legion forces faced an impressive assault and fell back to their mountain fortress where the Hawk Lords had them temporarily contained.

The Black Legion bolstered their defences and poured vast amounts of firepower down onto any attempt to storm the fortress. Each attempt was beaten back with heavy losses. When these attacks failed, the Hawk Lords used their Thunderhawks to bombard the fortress walls from the air. Meanwhile the third company of Hawk Lords redeployed to surround the fortress preventing any escape by the hated traitor marines.

After three days it became apparent that the fortress might just hold despite all the space marines could throw at it. The commanding marine ordered the deployment of land raiders, a difficult action considering the mountainous terrain and the high winds. Their deployment proved to be the right move, as the lascannons were able to pinpoint weak points far better than the battle cannons of the Thunderhawks.

When the walls fell, the Hawk Lords charged forth and despite being outnumbered, fought the Black Legion in savage hand to hand combat. It became apparent to the chapter's librarians that the sorcerer leading this warband was destermined to escape with something hidden within the heart of the fortress. The librarians battled through the ruined corridors against the warp-tainted sorcerer, their psychic talents tested to the limits. When he was eventually brought low, the librarians recovered the data he was holding.

When analyzed by the Warmaster's agents, it was discovered that Abaddon had learnt of Kor Aven's plans to construct the Star Killer, and had dispatched his legion to find any and all clues to its whereabouts. The Despoiler must not be allowed to recover this device!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Sector Control XXIX

"Wars are won or lost before they are fought. The preparation, attitude, strategy,
and the selection of proper allies." - Warmaster Xerxes, personal journal.
The death of Kor Aven has caused the unified Chaos threat to splinter into factions and begin in-fighting for control of the former empire. Meanwhile the Eldar continue to claim territory seemingly at random, and the renegade Farsight Enclave of Tau have turned a world from the Tau Empire.

Recover The Fallen - Illiad

Blood Angels vs Dark Angels

Attempting to deliver a bloody nose to the traitor marines holding Illiad, the Blood Angels descended from the heavens like the heroes of old Terra at the fortress known as Dol Madoba. There, the Blood Angels routed a force of Word Bearers twice their size and captured several for interrogation.

It was during these interrogations that a contingent of Dark Angels arrived in orbit and demanded that two of them be handed over to them. When the Blood Angels refused, their "allies" deployed from orbit and attacked their comrades. As the Blood Angels fought to restrain them, a strike team infiltrated the Blood Angel camp and entered the fallen traitor fortress undetected.

Without warning the Dark Angels retreated and in silence translated from the system. When the Blood Angel chaplains checked on their prisoners, they found two missing.

Butlerian Sends Reinforcements - Arathis Secundus

Grey Knights vs Necrons

Upon the arrival of the Grey Knight forces on the ice world, Inquisitor Lord Butlerian took personal charge of the battle brothers. The Grey Knights entrenched themselves in the path of the Necron army. On the next morning the Necron army assaulted the Grey Knight positions. Alien energy weapons scythed through the defences, trying to dislodge the Imperial troops. The Grey Knights held firm, and on several occasions allowed the Necrons to breach their lines. The battle brothers then smashed the machines in close combat. The Grey Knight land raiders and thunderhawk gunships helped smash up the Necron lines.

The Necron forces were so badly destroyed that the remaining machines were forced to phase out from the planet's surface. Now the Imperium must drive the Eldar from the planet to fully reclaim it.

Wargames End - Hermes IV

Grey Knights vs Grey Knights

With the confirmed death of Kor Aven and the fractionalising of the traitor forces, the Grey Knights have wrapped up their war games in the Hermes system. Immediately they boarded their transports and set out into the stars on a mission for Inquisitor Lord Butlerian.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Fall of Kor Aven - Pyros II

Ultramarines vs Word Bearers

After the front on Pyros II became static, and seeing that the Chaos forces were suffering defeats across the sector, Warmaster Xerxes ordered a major attack on the traitor positions there. Xerxes wanted a significant victory while his advisors, including Inquisitor Butlerian, warned that the Word Bearers had fortified their territory and were capable of playing a defensive war. The battle would last a continuous eleven days!

After a victorius battle that saw the Imperium capture three major objectives, the Ultramarines supported by warhound titans marched on the Korval pass. There they were ambushed by two Word Bearers companies fresh to the warzone and well entrenched. After bitter fighting in the canyons, the pass was taken from the traitor marines and the loyalists managed to breach the pass. The Imperium continued to advance, toppling bastions and fortifications with ease.

The advance was soon stopped by a major resistance effort but it only held the Imperium for three days before it was broken. The Ultramarines continued to lead and captured much of the resistance held territory. The Word Bearers had a "scorched earth" policy, destroying anything of use to the Imperium before falling back.

With the arrival of Kor Aven to the war zone, the tide of battle turned briefly. He ordered assault forces to outflank and charge the Imperial lines from the sides. Calgar had forseen such a tactic and bolstered the flanks with heavy artillery and the surviving warhound titans. The outflanking tactic failed and it cost the Word Bearers dearly. Despite this, under Kor Aven's command his forces held against the might of the Emperor's finest.

After eleven days of brutal fighting the end finally came. As Kor Aven lead a charge from his lines in his personal land raider, Butlerian's battle barge launched a series of deadly orbital blasts and seismic torpedos into his lines. In one swift stroke the Word Bearers were all but annihilated. As Kor Aven, wounded but intact, arose from the bleeding wreakage the roar of jets took his attention. Drop pods from the waiting Ultramarines battle barge slammed into the ground around him. Sternguard marines stepped forth targetting the chaos warlord with their melta weapons. In a blast of concentrated fire, the vile warlord of the Midas Sector was sent screaming into the Warp, a warm meal for the spirits of the Immaterium!