Friday, 17 May 2013

The Sky Full of Stars - Minora IV

"The sky was full of stars...and every star an exploding ship."

Imperial Navy / Space Marines vs Word Bearers Chaos Fleet.

Kor Aven dispatches a fleet of warships to assist in the "liberation" of Minora IV from the hands of the Imperium. Translating into the system the main fleet lead by the Desolator class battleship Misericorde headed straight for the Imperial ships in high orbit while a host of Infidel class raiders moved to harass the smaller escorts and patrol ships.

Battle barges from both Raven Guard and White Panthers moved ahead to engage the oncoming ships while the rest of the Imperial fleet came about. Two Imperial Gothic Class cruisers, the Indomitable Spirit and the Sword of Mecharius, were destroyed in the first volley. The Imperial captains ordered their ships into close proximity to force the enemy the risk of striking their own ships.

Fighters launched, dogfighting in and around the larger capital ships. The turning point came when the badly wounded Overlord class battle cruiser Sword of Damocles performed a suicidal ram into the side of the Misericorde. The Imperial vessel was killed in the impact but the Word Bearers flagship was all but crippled. Without her impressive support the rest of the traitor fleet fled back into the warp. As the Imperial captains closed in for the kill, the Misericorde ignited her warp engines and fled. The resulting translation obliterated two Imperial vessels as she went.

Although the traitor fleet had failed in it's attempt, the Imperial fleet in orbit above Minora IV was badly hurt in the conflict. Neither side had achieved any semblance of victory.

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