Friday, 24 May 2013

The Battle for Valley Forge - Minora IV

Dark Angels vs Black Legion.

Imperial troops on Minora IV have pushed forward into enemy territory and have captured a number of factorum facilities. The Adeptus Mechanicum have repeatedly requested that the army be redirected to capture a Titan facility known as the Valley Forge but other concerns have seen their request frequently ignored. In order to prove their loyalty to the crusade following recent events, the Dark Angels offered their services to recpature the factorum.

Deploying mainly from the ground, the Dark Angels overcame any cultist sentries and surrounded the facility with two companies of marines. Once everything was in place they attacked, smashing aside the facilities' defences. Once within the facility complex the Dark Angels encountered their true target: the Black Legion.

The traitor garrison did not stand a chance and was quickly cut down though they had set demolitions charges that caused massive damage to the facility. The Mechanicus have moved in swiftly to begin repairs and re-consecrate the facility to the Omnissiah.

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