Friday, 24 May 2013

New Offensive Falters - Illiad

Imperial Guard / Necrons vs Chaos Daemons.

On Illiad the Imperium has attempted a new offensive to weaken the traitor forces closer to the crusade on Minora IV. Attempted scout attempts through the ruins have met with setbacks and the loss of valuable soldiers. The biggest setback has been the discovery of a Necron force on Illiad that had been unknown previously.

The Imperial Guard have been forced into engaging the machines for control of three key sectors needed to engage the forces of Chaos. The most important of which is the Hyralan sector which is closest to the traitor defences. Both sides have engaged in hit and run attacks against the other but to little real gain.

Three days ago the situation changed with the Word Bearers, well aware of the fighting just leagues from their position, dispatched a daemon host to destroy both forces. Forced to band together for survival, the Imperial Guard and Necrons fought as desperate allies. Weakened by their own conflict they were unable to stop the daemonic host and within hours the new Imperial push had faltered.

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