Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Liberation of Processor Station Epsilon - Minora IV

Imperial Guard vs The Cleaved.

Processor Station Epsilon was a lightly defended factorum complex overlooked by many on Xerxes staff. They had their sights on capturing much larger and more vital targets. It was only when a report from a valkyrie recon squadron reached his desk that Xerxes saw the strategic importance of this site, something the traitor forces had overlooked. Capture of this site would open up avenues of attack previously closed to the Imperial troops.

A detachment of the Cadian XXXV were ordered to capture and hold the facility at all costs. The factorum was held only by a small force of marines from the warband known as The Cleaved. They had troops but little in the way of dealing with the leman russ formations that the Imperial forces had brought with them.

The battle was brief with no close combat. The Emperor was on their side as The Cleaved suffered terrible casualties and bad luck. Terminator squads teleported into the wreckage of tanks or into solid ferocrete walls. By days end the Aquila flew above Processor Station Epsilon.

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