Thursday, 4 April 2013

Broken Alliance - Pyros II

Black Legion vs Black Legion.

It is no secret among the Word Bearers that their warlord Kor Aven distrusts his new allies from the Black Legion. He seeks their aid but also their eventual destruction. To this end he has given them the dead world of Pyros II to fortify and from which to launch their attacks upon the Imperial forces beseiging Midas Prime. He has also made allies in a splinter faction of the Black Legion, offering them a permanent alliance if those loyal to Abaddon the Despoiler are eliminated.

Unfortunately for his new allies, they proved a little too eager. The Black Legions landing site and base of operations had barely been constructed when they saw their opportunity and attacked. The initial surprise quickly faded and the two forces did battle over the airfield and construction site. Kor Aven's allies were defeated, a few escaping into the deserts and any wounded executed.

Abaddon's lieutenant here, a mysterious warlord known simply as The Armiger, prepares to battle the Imperium but also casts his eye to the Word Bearers for who else would seek to see them destroyed?

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