Thursday, 25 April 2013

Battle Lines Falter - Minora IV

Grey Knights vs Chaos Daemons / Word Bearers.

The forces of Chaos are losing ground slowly and steadily to the Imperial advance. Worlds once tightly held in Kor Aven's iron grasp are slipping away like sand. Unwilling to lose more ground he had dispatched ships to the Minora system to bolster the Dark Mechanicus. He cannot allow this world to fall into enemy hands.

The return to the Midas sector by Lord Inquisitor Butlerian has been met with a mix of fear and excitement by Xerxes' advisors. Butlerian has spent several days in seclusion with the Warmaster and many fear that the Inquisition has taken a strong hand in the direction of the crusade. After their deliberations, Butlerian ordered a company of Grey Knights to Minora IV in support of the ground forces.

Their objective was the factory complexes churning out munitions and daemonically possessed war machines for the Word Bearers. That same chaos legion were laying in wait for just such an attack. In the dead of night the forces of the Ordo Malleus transported to the service. The dark apostles prayed to the gods and opened warp portals through which a multitude of daemons ermerged. The Grey Knights fought as heroes of legend against the daemons but it was the Word Bearers who were their undoing. Weakened from the close quarters combat the Grey Knights were forced back by a withering hail of bolter fire. The Grey Knights have fallen back to secure points on the Imperial lines to regroup before trying again.

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