Thursday, 25 April 2013

A Twist of Fate - Rakdos

Craftworld Iyanden vs Blood Angels

The Blood Angels have returned to Rakdos in greater numbers and deploy to assist the local PDF and Space Wolves in holding the line against the Tyranids. While those same forces engage the oncoming horde, the Blood Angels deploy at the heart of Archelon's forces, right into the spawning pools. The Blood Angels deal considerable damage and halt the development of ground forces for a time.

As the Blood Angels prepare a quick extraction warp portals open and Eldar troops emerge. For reasons unknown the Eldar of Iyanden strike not at the Tyranids but at the Blood Angels. The Farseers direct their forces with some future insight. By this time however the space marines were depleated in manpower and can only hold them at bay with a concentration of heavy weapon fire. Quickly the make their evacuation and leave the Eldar this tiny portion of the planet.

The Eldar quickly set to work finishing what the Blood Angels had started. Though diminished by the Shadow in the Warp, the Farseers tug at the strings of fate at this site seeking some as yet unknown future for the planet.

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