Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Scouring - Voidspar

Chaos Daemons vs Craftworld Iyanden
Over the last few days whisps of Midas warp storm have rematerialised throughout the sector, throwing Imperial ships adrift and for several days isolating worlds closer to the core of the sector. Upon Voidspar the Word Bearers used this to their benefit. Their dark apostles raised a mighty army of daemons to throw against the orks.
As the world trembled and awoke under the warping aura of Chaos there came an unexpected salvation. Stable webway portals opened and disgorged the largest Eldar war host to appear in the Midas sector. The Eldar set to eradicating the daemonic presence and their traitor marine masters.
Though it took several days of heavy fighting in the chaotic wastes and the animated ruins of Imperial cities, the Eldar destroyed the host and turned on the Word Bearers. By the end of the conflict, the Chaos forces were destroyed and the Eldar held significant territory on Voidspar.

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