Monday, 18 March 2013

Cleanse! - Volistad

Sons of Tantalus / Dark Angels vs Orks.

With help finally reaching Volistad, Commisar Holt dispatched the Ultramarines to attack the vital space port. To keep the orks busy and off balance, he sent the Sons of Tantalus and Dark Angels to assault the ork bases in the old factorum district.
Though initially taken by surprise the orks rallied faster than was expected. The space marines found themselves under heavy fire both from the ground and from the air. No one knew that the orks had brought aircraft with them to Volistad!
Despite a heroic battle the forces of the space marines were forced to treat under a growing tide of greenskins!

Elsewhere the Ultramarines faired little better and their attempt to recapture the spaceport failed. In retaliation the orks surged forward though the PDF lines and now head for the populated hive cities.

(OOC: Don't watch the other Final Liberation vids. You'll spoil things for yourself if you do)

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