Friday, 22 February 2013

The Phantom (Titan) Menace - Khemet III

Craftworld Iyanden vs Space Wolves
Over the course of the past week Imperial forces on Khemet III have managed to force the war against the Necron into a deadlock. Unfortunately as more and more troops are deployed to take Midas Prime, the forces on Khemet III have been forced into a defensive holding pattern while they await reinforcements.
In the early hours the Imperial lines were assaulted from the rear by long range weapon emplacements. The Eldar had returned in force. Transmissions from the xenos directed the humans to evacuate or they would be fired upon. Unable or willing to lose more troops in the crossfire, Imperial commander Taylos ordered an immediate evacuation. A company of Space Wolves recently deployed took the fight to the Eldar in the attempt to buy more time for the evacuation transports to escape.
The battle was bloody and due to the presence of enemy titans, an impossible one for the Space Wolves to win. They sold their lives dear but the imperial guard were able to escape. The Eldar turned their attention on the enemy they had come to face.
Upon returning to the fleet Commander Taylos was executed for abandoning his post. A lesson for his replacement.

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