Friday, 22 February 2013

Sector Update VII

Midas Prime (Imperial 3 / Chaos 2) - Contested.
Minora IV (Imperial 1 / Chaos 1) - Contested.
Fangol (Imperial 2) - Imperial controlled.
Khemet III (Eldar 1 / Necron 3) - Contested.
Voidspar (Chaos 1 / Ork 2 / Eldar 1) - Contested.
Illiad (Chaos 1) - Chaos controlled.
Savrip (N/A) - Uncontrolled.
Bantis V (Chaos 1 / Imperial 2 / Dark Eldar 1) - Contested.
Pyros II (N/A) - Uncontrolled.
Infernus (Chaos 5) - Chaos controlled.

Chaos - 11 control points.
Imperial - 8 control points.
Necron - 3 control point.
Eldar - 2 control points.
Orks - 2 control point.
Dark Eldar - 1 control point.
Tyranids - 0 control points.
Tau Empire - 0 control points.
Chaos forces continue to dominate the Midas Sector lead by the Word Bearers. They hold key positions across the sector. The Imperium continues to make advances into the enemy lines though they focus on capturing Midas Prime at present.
The Necrons fight a war on Khemet III against their ancient enemy. The Eldar seem intent now on dealing with that threat over fighting other factions. The Orks are contained fighting to their hearts content on Voidspar. The Tyranid vanguard has been destroyed by all know it is only a matter of time before they return.
The appearence of the Dark Eldar has all factions looking over their shoulder. Who knows what they want or who they will see as prey.

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