Thursday, 7 February 2013

Hive Fleet Amarok - Voidspar

Tyranids vs Chaos Marines / Orks.

Kor Aven dispatched a band of allied traitors to Voidspar to deal with the growing ork threat. They translated into the system with a fleet of cruisers and bombarded the surface. After several hours they launched a ground attack looking to eradicate the survivours.
Two days later a vast bioship, the vanguard to Hive Fleet Amarok, emerged from deep space and headed towards the planet. The traitor fleet moved to intercept but many were seized and devoured. The great beast, still fighting the traitor cruisers, descended into the atmosphere of Voidspar and launched spores and biomatter.

On the surface, the battle weary chaos marines and orks were forced to ally against this new threat. Hordes of gaunts, genestealers and gargoyles surged into their lines ahead of the monstrous trygons and carnifexes. Close combat was quickly joined in the wreakage of the crashed ork ships. The weakened chaos marines were slaughtered within hours but the ork horde was large enough to hold the tyranids at bay.

Voidspar has quickly developed into a frightening stalemate. The ork spores grow and create thousands more, and the hive ship devours the biomass, producing more and more bio-organisms to fight the green horde.

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