Thursday, 7 February 2013

Death to the Xenos! - Midas Prime

070213. M41
Blood Angels vs Eldar Corsairs.

Ever since the Eldar seized territory on Midas Prime they have launched raids into warzones controlled by both the Imperium and the forces of Chaos. Frequent raids aided by superior aerial forces have given the crusade considerable trouble. The Warmaster dispatched elements of the 125th and 455th Mordian regiments to assault the starport held by the Word Bearers and Thousand Sons. The traitor marines fell into the Warmasters plans and engaged in a bloody assault across no man's land.

Meanwhile a detachment of Blood Angels deployed via drop pod from orbit into the heart of the Eldar command compound. As the ground troops regrouped and pilots lept to their skimmers, the main bulk of the Blood Angels surged in from the surrounding ruins and engaged the corsair forces. Overhead the corsair aircraft danced through the skies engaging incoming Stormravens. On this day, the Eldar learned what it meant to fear the might of the Space Marines. As the last xenos fell, Captain Quinnus reported back to the Warmaster that territory across the battlelines had been taken.

As the surviving men and women of the Mordian regiments fell back, the traitor marines realised that the Imperium had staged an assault and now were in position to assault several key hives as well as the starport.

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