Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Emergency Transmission - Volistad


An emergency transmission has been recieved by the Imperial fleet from the planet Volistad, a major supply world for the crusade. The harm that could be done if the ork threat is not stopped could cause the crusade to grind to a halt.
Warmaster Xerxes has dispatched Lord Commissar Holt with a contingent of Imperial troops to secure the supply lines into the Midas sector.

(OOC: Don't watch the other Final Liberation vids. You'll spoil things for yourself if you do)

Monday, 25 February 2013

Wave Assault - Bantis V

Sons of Tantalus vs Craftworld Iyanden.

Dispatched to Bantis V to assist their Ultramarine brothers, the Sons of Tantalus proceeded to deploy via thunderhawks to the front lines. The Ultramarines having fallen back to regroup and resupply. The Sons of Tantalus took up the mantle of their parent chapter and prepared to lay seige to the foul Dark Eldar.
What they found as the initial wave entered the ruined city outskirts was not the piratical xenos but their Craftworld brethren. Unprepared for this foe, the chapter took heavy casualties but continued to fight for several hours before the retreat order came in.
From here the xenos of Craftworld Iyanden have surged forward and overrun the Imperial firebases and forming their own base of operations against the Imperium.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Sector Update VII

Midas Prime (Imperial 3 / Chaos 2) - Contested.
Minora IV (Imperial 1 / Chaos 1) - Contested.
Fangol (Imperial 2) - Imperial controlled.
Khemet III (Eldar 1 / Necron 3) - Contested.
Voidspar (Chaos 1 / Ork 2 / Eldar 1) - Contested.
Illiad (Chaos 1) - Chaos controlled.
Savrip (N/A) - Uncontrolled.
Bantis V (Chaos 1 / Imperial 2 / Dark Eldar 1) - Contested.
Pyros II (N/A) - Uncontrolled.
Infernus (Chaos 5) - Chaos controlled.

Chaos - 11 control points.
Imperial - 8 control points.
Necron - 3 control point.
Eldar - 2 control points.
Orks - 2 control point.
Dark Eldar - 1 control point.
Tyranids - 0 control points.
Tau Empire - 0 control points.
Chaos forces continue to dominate the Midas Sector lead by the Word Bearers. They hold key positions across the sector. The Imperium continues to make advances into the enemy lines though they focus on capturing Midas Prime at present.
The Necrons fight a war on Khemet III against their ancient enemy. The Eldar seem intent now on dealing with that threat over fighting other factions. The Orks are contained fighting to their hearts content on Voidspar. The Tyranid vanguard has been destroyed by all know it is only a matter of time before they return.
The appearence of the Dark Eldar has all factions looking over their shoulder. Who knows what they want or who they will see as prey.

Slaughter! - Bantis V

Ultramarines vs Dark Eldar

For most of the Crusade the world of Bantis V has been a mere footnote. Occasional firefights between Word Bearers and the Imperial forces, but nothing worth noting on the Warmasters daily updates. Until now.
When communications went dead the Ultramarines volunteered to investigate. What they found was a scene of ghoulish slaughter. The bodies of hundreds of guardsmen lay scattered on the ground, strung up by their own entrails or savagely ripped open. The work of the piratical dark eldar. A transmission was sent to the Warmaster informing him of a new threat to the Crusade.
During the night as the Ultramarines swept the complex clear, the xenos struck. Riding on on the desert winds, the Dark Eldar were not detected until right on top of the space marines. Neither side was strong enough to slay the other, and the battle continues still amongst the ruins of the Imperial lines.

The Phantom (Titan) Menace - Khemet III

Craftworld Iyanden vs Space Wolves
Over the course of the past week Imperial forces on Khemet III have managed to force the war against the Necron into a deadlock. Unfortunately as more and more troops are deployed to take Midas Prime, the forces on Khemet III have been forced into a defensive holding pattern while they await reinforcements.
In the early hours the Imperial lines were assaulted from the rear by long range weapon emplacements. The Eldar had returned in force. Transmissions from the xenos directed the humans to evacuate or they would be fired upon. Unable or willing to lose more troops in the crossfire, Imperial commander Taylos ordered an immediate evacuation. A company of Space Wolves recently deployed took the fight to the Eldar in the attempt to buy more time for the evacuation transports to escape.
The battle was bloody and due to the presence of enemy titans, an impossible one for the Space Wolves to win. They sold their lives dear but the imperial guard were able to escape. The Eldar turned their attention on the enemy they had come to face.
Upon returning to the fleet Commander Taylos was executed for abandoning his post. A lesson for his replacement.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sector Control VI

Midas Prime (Imperial 3 / Chaos 2) - Contested.
Minora IV (Imperial 1 / Chaos 1) - Contested.
Fangol (Imperial 2) - Imperial controlled.
Khemet III (Imperial 1 / Necron 3) - Contested.
Voidspar (Chaos 1 / Ork 2 / Eldar 1) - Contested.
Illiad (Chaos 1) - Chaos controlled.
Savrip (N/A) - Uncontrolled.
Bantis V (Chaos 1 / Imperial 1) - Contested.
Pyros II (N/A) - Uncontrolled.
Infernus (Chaos 5) - Chaos controlled.

Chaos - 11 control points.
Imperial - 7 control points.
Necron - 3 control point.
Orks - 2 control point.
Eldar - 1 control points.
Tyranids - 0 control points.
Dark Eldar - 0 control point.
Tau Empire - 0 control points.
The war for control of the core worlds has ground into a stalemate with neither side able to make a headway against the other. On Voidspar the tyranid vanguard has been destroyed and the planet turned into a three-way battlefield.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Eldar Victory - Voidspar

Craftworld Iyanden vs Tyranids

As the orks battled the summoned daemons elsewhere on Voidspar, the Eldar of Craftworld Iyanden swept in system from deep space. Powerful weapons oblitered the orbiting hiveship and cut the horde off from the hive mind. They then deployed a superior force to the surface and over several days of heavy fighting eradicated the Tyranid threat from Voidspar. The ground troops now look poised to assault the ork lines in the days to come.

ORKS RULEZ - Voidspar

Orks vs Chaos Daemons

As the ork - tyranid conflict grinds on, the villainous Kor Avon of the Word Bearers deploys a number of his dark apostles to the surface of Voidspar. Behind the lines, they sacrifice themselves to breach the dimensional walls and release a vast horde of daemons onto the planet's surface. The daemons surged into the rear lines of the ork horde locking the greenskins into a war on two fronts. The vast number of orks have thus far been able to hold both forces at bay.
Imperial analysts are unsure as to why the forces of Chaos have attempted this move when the war goes so badly for them on Midas Prime.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sector Control V

Midas Prime (Imperial 3 / Chaos 2) - Contested.
Minora IV (Imperial 1 / Chaos 1) - Contested.
Fangol (Imperial 2) - Imperial controlled.
Khemet III (Imperial 1 / Necron 3) - Contested.
Voidspar (Ork 1 / Tyranid 1) - Contested.
Illiad (Chaos 1) - Chaos controlled.
Savrip (N/A) - Uncontrolled.
Bantis V (Chaos 1 / Imperial 1) - Contested.
Pyros II (N/A) - Uncontrolled.
Infernus (Chaos 5) - Chaos controlled.

Chaos - 10 control points.
Imperial - 7 control points.
Necron - 3 control point.
Orks - 1 control point.
Tyranids - 1 control points.
Dark Eldar - 0 control point.
Eldar - 0 control points.
Tau Empire - 0 control points.

The conflict on Midas Prime swings back and forth between Imperial and Traitor control, though the Imperium has managed to drive the Eldar from the planet. The Warmaster continues to berate his generals and demands that the planet be taken within two months!
The unexpected arrival of the Tyranids has sent shock waves through the sector. Imperial and Chaos fleets mobilise to contain and destroy the xenos threat before it consumes all worlds in the Midas Sector.

Hive Fleet Amarok - Voidspar

Tyranids vs Chaos Marines / Orks.

Kor Aven dispatched a band of allied traitors to Voidspar to deal with the growing ork threat. They translated into the system with a fleet of cruisers and bombarded the surface. After several hours they launched a ground attack looking to eradicate the survivours.
Two days later a vast bioship, the vanguard to Hive Fleet Amarok, emerged from deep space and headed towards the planet. The traitor fleet moved to intercept but many were seized and devoured. The great beast, still fighting the traitor cruisers, descended into the atmosphere of Voidspar and launched spores and biomatter.

On the surface, the battle weary chaos marines and orks were forced to ally against this new threat. Hordes of gaunts, genestealers and gargoyles surged into their lines ahead of the monstrous trygons and carnifexes. Close combat was quickly joined in the wreakage of the crashed ork ships. The weakened chaos marines were slaughtered within hours but the ork horde was large enough to hold the tyranids at bay.

Voidspar has quickly developed into a frightening stalemate. The ork spores grow and create thousands more, and the hive ship devours the biomass, producing more and more bio-organisms to fight the green horde.

Death to the Xenos! - Midas Prime

070213. M41
Blood Angels vs Eldar Corsairs.

Ever since the Eldar seized territory on Midas Prime they have launched raids into warzones controlled by both the Imperium and the forces of Chaos. Frequent raids aided by superior aerial forces have given the crusade considerable trouble. The Warmaster dispatched elements of the 125th and 455th Mordian regiments to assault the starport held by the Word Bearers and Thousand Sons. The traitor marines fell into the Warmasters plans and engaged in a bloody assault across no man's land.

Meanwhile a detachment of Blood Angels deployed via drop pod from orbit into the heart of the Eldar command compound. As the ground troops regrouped and pilots lept to their skimmers, the main bulk of the Blood Angels surged in from the surrounding ruins and engaged the corsair forces. Overhead the corsair aircraft danced through the skies engaging incoming Stormravens. On this day, the Eldar learned what it meant to fear the might of the Space Marines. As the last xenos fell, Captain Quinnus reported back to the Warmaster that territory across the battlelines had been taken.

As the surviving men and women of the Mordian regiments fell back, the traitor marines realised that the Imperium had staged an assault and now were in position to assault several key hives as well as the starport.

Commissar Rasczak

"This is for all you new people: I only have one rule. Everyone fights. No one quits. You don't do your job, I'll shoot you myself. You get me?"

- Commissar Rasczak

Monday, 4 February 2013

Brother vs Brother - Minora IV

Blood Angels vs Blood Angels.

In an attempt to seize vital factorum complexes from the traitors holding the ancient forge world, the Blood Angels deployed two companies. For three days they fought through the ancient complex pushing the traitors back. When agents of the Dark Mechanicus intervened and revealed that they now rule the Minora system, the Blood Angels redirected their attacks towards them. Using esoteric machine code, they turned the machine spirits of the space marines against themselves. Brother turned on brother, unable to control their own weapons and armour. By the time the scrap code was removed, the Blood Angels forces were badly depleated and the forces of Chaos had sealed themselves inside their fortress factories. The Blood Angels redeployed to the Imperial firebases having captured enough ground to allow the Warmasters troops to move up and continue the fight in the streets.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Combat Patrol - Midas Prime

Sons of Tantalus vs Chaos Daemons
Fighting has been intense around the perimeter of the Imperial stronghold on Midas Prime. Traitor marines and foul daemons claw at the defences but the might of the Imperium has always thrown them back. Until now.
The Sons of Tantalus marines patrol the northern defences when in the early light a force of Tzeentchian daemons manifested from the warp and assaulted. The daemons were few but the marines were a single tactical squad and despite a desperate fight they were quickly overwhelmed. As their bodies hit the floor more Chaos horrors emerged from the surrounding ruins and rushed in to storm the inner barricades.

Ambush - Midas Prime

Word Bearers vs Grey Knights
The civilian population of Midas Prime has been in a state of armed conflict since the first days of the Midas warp storm. A situation that the servants of Chaos have been happy to allow unchecked. Now, with the crusade in full swing the commander of the Word Bearers Kor Aven has begun to make inroads with the various gangs and factions to bring them into the war on the side of Chaos. Inquisitor Butlerian has learnt of this via methods unknown and dispatches a force of Grey Knights to intercept the Word Bearers.
At the site of the meeting the Grey Knights wait in ambush for the arrival of Kor Aven's forces. As they crossed the river Medea at dusk, the holy warriors of the Emperor strike. But Kor Aven was not unwise their schemes and had dispatched a mighty Helbrute to safeguard the meeting. The Grey Knights fought long and hard, lost many battle brothers but were ultimately successful. The meeting was disrupted and the might of the Imperium shown to those who would side with the great enemy.