Friday, 11 January 2013

WAAAAGH of the Orks - Voidspar

Orks vs Sons of Tantalus.

Patrolling ahead of the main Imperial vanguard, the battle barge Desert Wind detected the presence of three ork Roks in orbit above the planet Voidpar. Engaing the enemy, the battle barge destroyed two of the xenos vessels with torpedos within minutes. A stray shot from the third crippled her engines and left her adrift. The surviving Rok plummeted to the surface and impacted on the night side. The presence of orks on a world that the Imperium desperately needed could not be tolerated. The Sons of Tantalus deployed via drop pod near the crashed ship and started to engage the enemy.
Thankfully few orks had survived the crash but those who had were the big and nasty ones. Combat was difficult as the night made it hard to detect the enemy except from the flashes of gunfire. The orks adapted quickly and the space marine force began to take heavy casualities in both men and equipment. Once both sides entered assault range the Sons of Tantalus performed better but the orks vastly outnumbered them.
The marines were forced to retreat from Voidspar and from the system. Upon reporting the situation to the Imperial forces, Warmaster Xerxes criticised the chapter for allowing the orks to gain a foothold on Voidspar, further souring the relationship between the two forces.

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