Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Chaos Strikes Back - Midas Prime

Sons of Tantalus vs Daemons / Word Bearers.
After receiving word that the daemon known as Fateweaver had been sighted on Midas Prime, Warmaster Xerxes dispatched the Sons of Tantalus to investigate. To this end elements of the 4th company snuck behind enemy lines and ran sorties into sites claimed by the Word Bearers. Sightings of daemons were common place but no sign of the hated Lord of Change.
That soon changed when the scouting force was spotted by watchful traitor marines. Their dark apostles summoned aid from the warp and from their mechanicus allies. The Sons of Tantalus were soon fighting a losing battle and forced into an ordered retreat. Then, the foul daemon made his appearence, directing the daemonic hordes. A surviving band of battle brothers found themselves near the creature and opened fire with bolters and plasma. Wounded, Fateweaver shrieked and fled back into the warp. But it was too late for the battle, and the few remaining marines had to retreat and seek aid from the nearby imperial forces.

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